Hey readers,

Last Wednesday, my service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega was involved in an event called Erie Trivia Night, which took place down at the Bayfront Convention Center.

It was the 20th annual trivia night, and there was a great turnout. APO volunteered at this event last year, so we took our places at our assigned tables and tabulated the scores as the competitors battled it out during the three rounds of ten questions.

I have lived in Erie for almost 10 years now and the questions they were asking were all Erie-related – but I knew only one of the 30 questions that were asked! The team I was tabulating for figured out about nine of the 30 questions. Everyone thought the questions were more difficult this year than last years.

There was one moment when I took a glance around the room to see how the other members were holding up. I saw my good friend Nick Keller, junior mechanical engineer, laughing with his table. I also notice Kathleen Galati, sophomore biology major, lively chatting with her group. Kat is a potential member of APO, and we would be lucky to have her.

Basically, it was nice to see a lot of the members of APO, who are my good friends from a variety of majors and backgrounds of interest, having a fun ol’ time. Our motto is friendship, leadership and service. That night, we displayed it all, and I’m very happy to be a part of something so fun.

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