UPDATE: After a week of voting, the polls have now closed.


Your votes from Round 2 of Gannon’s Ultimate Fave tournament have been tallied, and  some very close races have been decided. Did your picks advance to the next round?  Check out the results and vote below.

Choose from the Elite Eight and help determine our Final Four in the search for Gannon’s Ultimate Fave. Round 3 voting ends Friday, March 25 at noon EST.

Check out the tournament status so far on the updated bracket and give us your feedback in the comment section. Any surprises? Predictions for the Final Four? What’s your pick to go all the way and claim the title of Gannon’s Ultimate Fave?

Favorite Place to Eat:

Favorite Place to Eat (On-Campus): Knight’s Cove

Favorite Place to Eat (Off-Campus): Sidewalk Cafe

Knight’s Cove bumped the Beyer Cafeteria out of the running, and Sidewalk Cafe upset Porky’s Pizzeria in an extremely close (some say surprising) race. Now, Knight’s Cove and Sidewalk Cafe are going head-to-head in a battle for the title of Gannon’s Favorite Place to Eat. Vote for your pick here:

Knight’s Cove 13%
Sidewalk Cafe 87%

Favorite Place to Study:

Favorite Place to Study (On-Campus): Nash Library

Favorite Place to Study (Off-Campus): Starbucks

The Nash Library edged the Zurn Science Center out of the On-Campus bracket while Starbucks sailed past the Blasco Library. Only one place can be named Gannon’s Favorite Place to Study. Vote for your pick to advance to the Ultimate Fave Final Four:

Nash Library 42%
Starbucks 58%

Favorite Place to Shop:

Favorite Place to Shop (Downtown): Dollar General

Favorite Place to Shop (Erie Area): Millcreek Mall

Bargain shoppers triumphed as Dollar General squeaked past Accents By the Bay in another close race, and the Millcreek Mall defeated Wegman’s. Now, select your pick for Gannon’s Favorite Place to Shop:

Dollar General 7%
Millcreek Mall 93%

Favorite Hangout:

Favorite Hangout (On-Campus): Waldron Campus Center

Favorite Hangout (Off-Campus): Presque Isle State Park

Theatre fans didn’t fare so well in Round 2 as the Waldron Campus Center bumped the Schuster Theatre out of the running on campus, and Presque Isle triumphed over the Erie Playhouse off campus. Where’s your favorite place to hang out — Waldron or Presque Isle? Vote for your fave and see if it advances to the Final Four:

Waldron Campus Center 37%
Presque Isle State Park 63%

Congratulations and good luck to the winners! Round 3 voting ends Friday, March 25 at noon EST. Check back Friday afternoon for the Final Four!