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We’re one step closer to determining Gannon’s Ultimate Fave as the field narrows to four contenders. Those four have claimed the titles of Gannon’s Favorite Place to Eat, Gannon’s Favorite Place to Study, Gannon’s Favorite Place to Shop, and Gannon’s Favorite Hangout.

In this round, the Final Four will be narrowed down to just two contenders. Those two contenders will go head to head in the Championship and the winner will clinch the title of Gannon’s Ultimate Fave.

To help you out this time, we’ve provided some unbiased descriptions of each fave as a refresher before you vote.  The pairings might seem a little different this week. The match-ups are Favorite Place to Eat vs. Favorite Place to Study and Favorite Place to Shop vs. Favorite Hangout. How do you decide? Keep it simple: just vote for your fave.

Voting ends on Friday, April 1 at noon EST. Click in and cast your votes!

Gannon’s Favorite Place to Eat: Sidewalk Cafe
Runner-Up: Knight’s Cove

The Sidewalk Cafe is conveniently located in North Park Row, which is right across the street from Gannon’s campus. Sidewalk is open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch. You can find foods such as omelets, eggs and bacon and huge pancakes among other breakfast items. For lunch they showcase soups, salads and sandwiches with a vast variety of side dishes. It’s the perfect place to sit down and enjoy a home-style meal.

Junior English major Theresa Pfister said she likes visiting The Sidewalk Cafe.

“I like the Sidewalk Cafe because of its convenient location and the fact that its a small business. It’s good to support local restaurants and it has a homecooked feel to it. Breakfast is the best meal to get there, especially banana pancakes.”

Gannon’s Favorite Place to Study: Starbucks
Runner-Up: Nash Library

It has been decided: Starbucks is the ultimate study location. Located on the corner of Fifth and State Streets, Starbucks is easily accessible to Gannon students and close enough to campus to grab a drink on your way to class.

Whether you’re looking for a mid-day pick-me-up or a change of scenery to study, Starbucks is just what you’re looking for. Adorned with couches, armchairs and tables, there is no shortage of space for the studious crowd.

Junior English major Stephanie Smith said she visits the coffee chain about once each week and she occasionally studies there, but she usually grabs a drink on the go.

“I really like their coffee,” she said. “And they’re so close to campus — it’s perfect.”

Not a much of a coffee fan? No problem. Starbucks offers an assortment of teas and lemonades in addition to their extensive coffee options. There are also baked goods such as cupcakes, cookies and coffee cake.

So whether you’re looking for a place to study for the afternoon or you’re just craving a cup of Joe, stop by Starbucks to enjoy the coffee and the company.

Sidewalk Cafe 73%
Starbucks 27&

Gannon’s Favorite Place to Shop: Millcreek Mall
Runner-Up: Dollar General

As part of Edge’s Ultimate Faves contest, Millcreek Mall has secured the spot of favorite shopping location in Erie.  Millcreek Mall is not only in close vicinity to campus but has anything and everything that students could possibly need.  Want a bite to eat? No problem.  Need a new outfit for your upcoming class presentation?  Got it.  Heck, want to go play with some puppies?  Millcreek Mall can fix that.

Freshman biology/ pre-med major Matt Kridel said he shops at the mall.

“It’s really extensive with lots of shopping options,” he said. “I especially like the food court, the pet store and Borders. It’s really easy to get to for Gannon students, just grab a bus.”

With more than 175 different store, kiosks and restaurants, Millcreek Mall is one of Erie’s largest shopping venues. There are stores ranging from clothing departments to candle stores, hair salons, a store completely dedicated to kitchen appliances and even a store downright devoted to crocs.

If you aren’t necessarily a shop-a-holic, there is still plenty that you can do at the mall.  Try the bungee arena or take a stroll into Starbucks for a quick refresher.  There is plenty of entertainment to occupy an afternoon at Millcreek Mall.

Gannon’s Favorite Hangout: Presque Isle State Park
Runner-Up: Waldron Campus Center

Whether you’re into boating, fishing, hiking, rollerblading or just being lazy on the beach in the sun, the place to go in Erie is Presque Isle State Park. Did you know sunsets in Erie have been officially ranked among the most beautiful in the United States? Well, one of the best places to catch one is from a beach on Presque Isle.

Featuring seven miles of sandy shorelines and more than 20 miles of hiking and biking trails, Presque Isle is the go-to spot for summertime picnicking or winter snow-dune trekking. Just a six-minute drive from campus, students enjoy Presque Isle as a year-round getaway from life in college.

“Presque Isle is a great place to escape the fast pace and noise of the city,” said Jared Lossie, junior mechanical engineering major. “You can just grab some sand and relax.”

It’s true, the bustle of Gannon’s urban campus can push students to seek refuge away from the books and computers. Presque Isle is a rare gem just a few minutes away from the edge of the pavement.

Millcreek Mall 42%
Presque Isle State Park 58%

Cast your votes before Friday, April 1 at noon EST and check back for the Ultimate Fave Championship Round!