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Gannon University’s Wellness 2017 fair will take place February 7 at the Recreation & Wellness Center from 8:30AM to 11:30PM.

In the past few years here at Gannon, I have been to the wellness fair. At the fair, they have plenty of activities supporting all aspects of health and wellness from maintaining healthy sleep habits, the best eating habits and even mental health activities.

I think having the wellness fair every year is a really great thing to have on campus. In this day and age, it is very common for people my age to engage in unhealthy activities. In fact, I will admit I have done my fair share of self-destructive things, and if we could promote well-being, we could help a few people overcome some destructive personal habits.

A lot of the wellness fair activities deals with aspects of physical health whether it’s sleeping, eating or exercising. I will admit all of those things are important, but here is where I will give my opinion on the importance of the wellness fair. I might not stress physical aspects of health because I believe there is one major aspect of health that is neglected by many people.

That is mental health.

We are living in an age of heightened anxiety and depression. In fact, some might say that depression is the mental health equivalent of the common cold. In some work environments, being physically sick is often used as an excuse for lack of performance, but mental illnesses – no matter how severe or mild – are completely overlooked.

I’m not saying mental health should be an excuse. I am saying that it is a problem that is often not addressed, and people with suffering mental health continue to suffer.

This is why I think it is not only important but great that the wellness fair has all sorts of stations that address one’s mental health.  One station allows you to make your own stress ball so you have something to squeeze if you are feeling anxious or angry or are just plain having a bad day,


Aerial view of the 2016 Wellness Fair booth area.

There is even one station called “Post-SecretU.” This is where people have the freedom to post any secret trouble they need to get off their chest. This could really be anything. It creates an environment of positivity where people can get the anonymous support they need. Also, there is a big session after the fair where people reveal their secrets, and it creates a big supportive atmosphere.

So this is my opinion on the wellness fair: it addresses many important issues related to physical health, but most importantly, it addresses issues related to mental health that often go unnoticed. Wellness is a very important thing as a college student today.


Learn more about this week’s Wellness Fair and plan your visit! #Destination Wellness

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