tldr; “Just be yourself, you are wonderful and no one is going to fault you for just being yourself.”

I’ve been thinking… wife material, what constitutes being “wife” material?

The answer is nothing at all.

This one is for all of you women who think you are not “wife” material. I am here to tell you that is a joke and you can be whatever you want to… including a wife. I myself am not domestic what so ever, I have the same emotional comprehension of a empty box, and Netflix is the longest relationship I have ever held (well not including the one I have with my braces, its been almost a year since we had one of our first rendezvous).

I am here to say that not being quote wife unquote material is okay. I am definitely not wife material and here is my rationale.

  • I can not cook to save my life. A joke in my family is that if anyone eats my cooking they might as well be eating grass.
  • I cannot iron or fold clothes for the life of me. I tried ironing once and I burnt a hole into the fathers work pants, I was never allowed to even look at the iron again let alone touch it. Don’t get me started on my folding skills, they are similar to non- commercialized television… nonexistent.
  • I watch more Netflix than probably anyone on this planet. If you need a recommendation on a show or new movie, I got you covered.
  • I will never make a sandwich for anyone else, mostly cause again I am the only person who can eat my cooking and survive. Also why would I ever waste precious energy that could be spent on Netflix making someone else a sandwich.

Seeing my list of reasons why I cannot possibly be responsible for another human being, may make you wonder about yourself. I am here to tell you it does not matter what your faults are, that everyone is perfect in their own way and if you think you are not “wife” material that is okay. No one is truly “wife” material, we all have our quirks and your significant other will love them regardless. So whether or not you are “wife” material is up to you, just look at me I have a whole list of reasons why I am not cut out for domestic life, but I choose to acknowledge that even though I could never be one of those 1950’s house wife with dinner on the table at 5pm (the stove would probably be on fire and the table would be scorched) and the laundry folded perfectly (I have zero patience for folding); none of that matters anyway. To the girls who think they are not “wife” material, you do not have to be. Just be yourself, you are wonderful and no one is going to fault you for just being yourself.