10 ways

Chances are, you will have some spare time between classes or meetings. Instead of sitting idly around during those breaks, Gannon has several unique ways to kill an hour – which we’ve listed for you in no particular order 🙂

10. Are you musically inclined? You can show off your piano-playing proficiency on the baby grand piano located inside the Waldron Campus Center. Even if you’re not much of a pianist, there are many armchairs around the piano that are perfect seats for studying or grabbing a bite to eat.

waldron piano9. Also in Waldron is the Power Room, located on the bottom floor. The Power Room has 14 computers and is fully equipped with printers, workstations and three private study rooms. Whether you need to meet with a group for a project, work on that term paper or just check your e-mail and Facebook for a minute, head to the power room. It has flexible hours – usually until 2 a.m. – and vending machines for coffee, energy drinks, pop and snacks. There’s even a microwave to help fight the munchies during a late-night study session.

8. Perhaps you enjoy playing video games but don’t have your own console – gaming systems come at a pretty steep price for a college budget, after all. Available for rent at the front desk in Waldron, free with a Gannon ID, is an assortment of video games for PlayStation, X-Box and Nintendo 64, including Guitar Hero, Madden, Dance Dance Revolution, Spider Man and Mario Kart, among others. Students are also able to sign out equipment for ping pong and pool. All games can be played on the second floor of Waldron, right above Doc’s Landing.

7. One of Gannon’s newest hangouts is the Courtyard Café, on the ground floor of the Robert H. Morosky Academic Center. The café, which is open Monday through Friday from 7:15 a.m. to 2 p.m., offers students unique meal options (including flatbread sandwiches, pizzas and specialty or made-to-order sandwiches) that can be purchased using a meal plan, GU Gold, cash or credit card.

6. If you’re in an academic building between classes, it’s never a bad idea to see your professors during their office hours which are usually listed on the top of your class syllabus. Most professors encourage students to stop by to discuss grades or even just to visit – it’s never a bad idea to get to know them.

5. Friendship Green, located outside of Waldron, is a nice oasis on Gannon’s urban campus. The grassy area and picnic tables are perfect for studying when the weather’s too nice to be cooped up inside. And once that Erie snow comes, Friendship Green provides the perfect flat, open space to build snowmen and make snow angels.

4. The Schuster Art Gallery can be found on the top floor of the Nash Library and features several art exhibits throughout the course of the year. Most artwork is created by local artists or Gannon students. There is no admission charge and the gallery can be accessed during library hours.

3. If you’re in the Palumbo Center a few minutes before class, check out the Gannon Bookstore, where you’re sure to find much more than textbooks. Here, you can get Gannon merchandise – always a good birthday or Christmas present for those back home – as well as snacks and bargain books on sale for as low as $1.

Intermezzo2. The Intermetzo Café on the second floor of Palumbo offers specialty coffee drinks and baked goods. Right around the corner from the café are vending machines and a microwave, along with couches and tables, providing a good spot for a between-class snack.

1. There’s something for everyone at the Carneval Athletic Pavilion – a swimming pool, treadmills, racquetball and basketball courts. The “rec” even has new stationary bikes with built-in games.

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