With the hustle and bustle of the end of the semester and the stress of finals week, sometimes that Christmas spirit takes a back seat in our minds. No worries though. Gannon provides many ways to bring the spirit of Christmas back to the forefront. Check out some of those ways right here.

1. Christmas Angels. Every year, the Christmas Angel Committee gives every student the opportunity to be a Christmas angel and buy a gift for a child who is less fortunate. This is a small way you can contribute, and you can make a huge impact in our community.

2. Light Up AJ’s Way. Around Christmas time, the walkway between Waldron Campus Center, Zurn Science Center and Palumbo Center is completely decorated with a festive array of multicolored lights and bright Christmas trees. It looks especially spectacular at night, when AJ’s Way is lit up all night long.

3. Our Many, Many Christmas Trees. Every single building you see on campus takes part in the Christmas spirit. There is at least one beautifully decorated Christmas tree everywhere you go on campus. The gorgeous large displays of tinsel, lights, and ornaments give Gannon a cozy and festive feel in the winter months.

4. Lights! Lights! Lights! Old Main, Perry Square, Waldron Campus Center… all of these places can be seen from a mile away at Christmas time. Why is that?  For starters, they are completely decked out in beautiful displays of lights and wreaths and other festive decorations. Walking through campus at night gives you an overwhelmingly homey feeling of Christmas. It would be difficult not to get into the holiday spirit!

5. The Kris Kringle Party. Every year the Communications department freshmen put on a show for everyone to enjoy in the Schuster Theatre right before finals week. It is highly entertaining and all students are welcome to watch the Christmas-themed production.

6. Beyer Hall Cafeteria. The Cafeteria is always extremely festive around the holidays. It gets decorated like the North Pole and there are all sorts of new Christmas goodies baked every day. Also, be sure to say hello to Edna the Elf!

7. Freshman Door Decorating Contest. Every Christmas season in the freshman residence halls, the RAs hold a door decorating contest. You can compete with the other freshmen on your floor to have the most festive holiday-themed door decorations. The winner gets prizes!

Here’s a helping hand to get you in the Christmas spirit.