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Singing the Christmas spirit

APO Carroling

Christmas carols are a huge part of holiday traditions for many people. Songs, old and new, help to spread the feelings of the season and create a festive mood. This year the theatre fraternity, Alpha Psi Omega (APO), took time

Faculty iPods: Theatre and Communications Department brings on the Christmas cheer


Whether you break out holiday music before or after Thanksgiving, (or just keep it on all year round) it’s hard not to love the Christmas classics. Here’s what the faculty of the Theatre/Communications Department are listening to while chestnuts roast

Feeling festive with your makeshift families

Major Communities

The end of the fall semester brings cold, snow, finals and papers, all of which can easily bum out any student. To combat the end-of-semester stress many clubs, organizations and even majors get together to relax, hang out and celebrate

Getting my holiday on


(This blog is best read with Christmas music playing in the background. I suggest Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You,” any of Michael Bublé’s Christmas album, or the soundtrack to “Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown,” which are my

Doing Christmas on a college budget

Preoccupied copy

The holiday season is typically a tense time, but once you add the stresses of college life, the pressures are only amplified. College students are expected to plan events and buy presents, all while trying to survive finals week. Additionally,

PHOTOS: Light Up AJ’s Way

Light up AJs Way

Every year, Gannon’s kicks off the Christmas season with their own tradition: Light up AJ’s Way. AJ’s Way is the green space tucked next to the Zurn Science Center. It provides a quick shortcut between the Waldron Campus Center and

The double life of a college student


I’ve never really heard someone say, “Man, I’m sure glad break is over. It was just way too long.” To most people break always ends too soon, but I can honestly say that this time around I began to miss

Tales from Edge: Secret Santa


The Edgers take some time to enjoy the holidays with a secret Santa gift exchange, but the mastermind behind it all has different plans.

A Visit from Victor E. Knight


‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro’ the ‘partment Not a pencil was stirring, not even a parchment; Laptops were logged on to Angel with care, In hopes that our grades soon would be there; My roommates were nestled

5 things about the mall at Christmas


During “the most wonderful time of the year” the last thing most people want to do is trudge through crowded stores, battling with grandmas in babushkas. However, walking through the Millcreek Mall around Christmas can actually make the holidays a