As I’ve grown in my faith, I’ve learned the importance of seeking out ways to maintain a consistent prayer life and search for opportunities to explore how God may be acting in my life. I ponder retreats I have attended, concerts I’ve gone to or speakers I’ve heard. While these big events are often essential to a relationship with Christ, you may not have the time to go to these types of events. So what can you do? Take advantage of the small things.

Since coming to Gannon, I have learned that the small things in life are just as important as the big events and Gannon has provided many of the small things that have helped me focus on my faith. There are three small things at Gannon that have had a big impact on my faith.

1. A crucifix in each classroom: Each classroom at Gannon has a crucifix on the front wall. While this is often overlooked, it is a nice reminder that the stress and overwhelming feeling of class work probably is not as bad as what you think.

2. The statue of Jesus outside Waldron: Every day students walk into and out of the Waldron Campus Center, probably in a hurry to get food or go to class, passing the statue as they go. But the recent nice weather has allowed me to slow down and take a look around before rushing inside. This statue has been a nice reminder that my faith is at the forefront of my life and the hectic schedule should not mask this.

3. Faith-sharing groups: These groups are amazing for the busy college student. For just an hour or so each week, you have an opportunity to get together and explore your faith with other students who are on a journey with Christ. It’s helpful to surround yourself with students who are sharing the same experiences.

While the busy, stressful and demanding schedule of a college student often dictates my life, it’s always reassuring to see these small things on campus. I remember the importance of my faith and taking time to develop this no matter what else I have going on. I encourage you to do the same and find the small things, because they can have a big impact.

God Bless,


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