From St. Patrick’s Day to the search for Gannon’s Ultimate Fave, Edge covered it all during the month of March. Here are the headlines you shouldn’t miss.


College Search 101: March Doesn’t Have to Mean Madness
by Nicole Dohoda (3/3/11)

CLICKWORTHY: Handmade Music and Philanthropic Sports
by Nicole Dohoda (3/5/11)

1,000 Words: Gannon’s Newest Residence Hall
by Carly Lyons (3/5/11)

Cast Your Votes for GU’s Ultimate Fave
by Edge Staff (3/7/11)

10 Ways to Explore Other Cultures in Erie
by Hiba Almasri (3/10/11)

Ultimate Fave ‘Sweet Sixteen’ Revealed, Need Your Vote!
by Edge Staff (3/11/11)

History of Irish Holiday Shows Cultural Balance
by The Gannon Knight (3/13/11)

Actuarial Science: The Math of Risky Business
by Sarah Sgro (3/15/11)

Luck o’ the Irish? Students Talk Superstitions
by Shawn Hogue (3/17/11)

Ultimate Fave Elite Eight: Vote for the Final Four!
by Edge Staff (3/18/11)

Ultimate Fave Final Four: Which Places Should Advance?
by Edge Staff (3/25/11)

Celebrate Gannon’ Celebrates Scholarship
by The Gannon Knight (3/29/11)


VIDEO Q & A: Julie Coppolo, Office of Admissions
by Edge Staff (3/2/11)

VIDEO: High Tech Times in Zurn Science Center
by Joe Kreydt (3/3/11)

VIDEO: Miles Vida Talks Admissions and Superheroes
by Edge Staff (3/6/11)

VIDEO: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth w/ “A Knight in the Kitchen”
by Edge Staff (3/8/11)

VIDEO: Lauren Whittaker Talks Movies, Gaga and GU
by Edge Staff (3/12/11)

VIDEO Q & A: Carol Hayes Talks College Essays
by Keefer Kopco (3/22/11)


Trials of a Math-Fearing Theatre Major
by Nicole Dohoda (3/4/11)
How Ben Franklin Helps Me Teach
by David Reichard (3/4/11)
As Graduation Nears, Keep Calm and Carry On
by Chelsey Klube (3/7/11)
GUEST BLOG: Studying Body, Mind and Spirit with Brandon Wiley ’10
by Brandon Wiley (3/8/11)
Nursing Student Sets Sights
by Kim Inscoe (3/9/11)
Student Loans: Scary, But Worth Every Penny
by Kathleen Cahill (3/14/11)
Why I Love Learning in Another Language
by Sarah Sgro (3/16/11)
Grad School Applications and Napping 101
by Tyler Babcock (3/21/11)
Academic Decathlon Coach Celebrates Championship
by David Reichard (3/23/11)
Athletics and Academics Balanced in D-II
by Alex “Q” Bieler (3/28/11)
Nurses Bringing Life into the World
by Kim Inscoe (3/29/11)
NEW BLOG: Technically Speaking w/ David Kramer
by David Kramer (3/30/11)