This semester I am taking a photography class. Yes, it is the old, black and white, load film yourself type of photography class. Just recently we took our cameras around campus to get some shots. Our teacher, Lori Steadman, is teaching us about the effects of light, having natural frames for pictures and finding textures.

One great thing for me is that Gannon is filled with architecture that is diverse in old and modern buildings. Though it is in the middle of Erie there is a great deal of greenery helping to make the campus feel like home. With camera in hand, I have found so many beautiful and unique spots that make great pictures.

I find it funny that it took a photography class for me to see the wonderful sites that I have simply walked past for the last two years. If you get a chance while you are on campus, take a different route to class and take in the wonder of the sights. If you have not visited campus yet, make sure to sign up for a tour and ask to see everything.

Don’t forget to find the beauty in life. You’ll be hearing from me soon (and seeing some of my campus photos, too!).


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