Some students use spring break as an opportunity to go home and see their families. Others travel to warm and sunny destinations, leaving all the stressors of school far behind.

Spring break – and all breaks for that matter – for me is an opportunity to squeeze in as many hours at my job at UPMC Hamot as possible. I usually embrace them with open arms because they pad my bank account nicely until the next break. It doesn’t really provide me a whole lot of time to relax, though.

As a senior nursing major with two part-time jobs and moderate involvement on campus, I don’t have a whole lot of personal time. Granted, that lack of free time is completely by choice, but it gets overwhelming. For that reason, I decided to make this spring break a little different. I took the whole week off from everything.

I purchased a new surround sound system and Skyrim. Anyone that has played Skyrim – or any of the other Elder Scrolls games – knows exactly what I’m talking about.

I’m usually not a big gamer, but my friend recommended it. I decided it would be worth a shot. I played for maybe 20 minutes, passed the tutorial and became hooked.

The worst part is it’s one of those games where you can play for 12 hours and not be sick of it yet. Chances are good that it’s not going to enhance my productivity for the rest of the semester. The ultimate test will be finals week, when I will need to be more productive than ever.

For now, well, you can guess where I’m headed!


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