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As soon as June rolls around, one of the first things I’m sure to do is visit an amusement park. Nothing says summer like roller coasters, bumper cars, and funnel cake. And Gannon has one right in its own backyard!

Waldameer and Water World has been providing Northwestern Pennsylvania with summer entertainment since 1896. The amusement park has plenty of thrills including: bumper cars, a scrambler, and a 140 foot drop tower, amongst others. It also boasts four roller coasters, one of which, the Ravine Flyer II, is the number six ranked wooden roller coaster in the world! For those who prefer more mild fun, there is a Ferris wheel and sky-ride as well as treats like cotton candy and ice cream.

But don’t forget your bathing suit! Attached to the amusement park is a waterpark with 16 slides, a heated pool and a lazy river. If you feel like braving the dark, grab an inner-tube (and a friend, if you’re a little afraid) and head down the Midnight Plunge, a totally enclosed tube slide that’s nearly pitch-black. Or try the 228 foot Free-Fall Slide, which plunges 47 feet almost straight down. Whichever slide you choose, it’s sure to be a splash!

Waldameer Park and Water World is open noon till 10:00 p.m. Aug 23-28 and Sept 2-5.

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