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Reading, Recharging and Planning for Senior Year

For most college students, summer vacation means packing up all of their stuff and piling it in the car for the trip back to their hometown. Since my hometown is only 20 miles away, and I have an apartment off-campus,

Many Different Jerseys, Just One Team

Whenever I look back on my earliest days at Gannon University, I’m always amazed by the tiniest of details that really impacted how my last four years have gone. From the location of a freshman dorm room to the singing

5 Reasons Why It’s Not Too Late to Choose Gannon

Our friends in Gannon’s Office of Admissions asked us to pass along some info for Edge readers who have been accepted for Fall 2010 and are still on the fence. Check out the message below for some sage wisdom from

10 Ways to Prep for Your First Semester of College

Whether you’re spending the summer poolside or working hard at the mall yogurt shop, you probably find your thoughts drifting to the end of the season —and the beginning of college. Worrying about the big shift to college is normal,

Student Voices: Orientation Advisers Share First-Year Must-Haves

As returning Gannonites and incoming freshmen alike begin preparing for the fall semester, we thought we’d take a moment to catch up with some of this summer’s orientation advisers to see what they relied on the most during their freshman year.

I’m Accepted to Gannon… Now What?

You submitted your application. Your guidance counselor sent in your transcript. You (and your parents, too) have been anxiously waiting for that letter or phone call. After much anticipation, you get the word: you’ve been accepted to Gannon. Joy! Elation!