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Gannon arch puts university on map


This article by Dan Kubacki originally published in The Gannon Knight on Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012. It may not be the tallest structure, but it watches over students every day. Gannon University’s Seventh Street arch stands 20 feet above the road and stretches a

Gannon Takes Part in Recyclemania Challenge

Edge and The Gannon Knight are teaming up to bring you periodic headlines from Gannon’s student-produced weekly newspaper. Check out this article by The Gannon Knight’s Tessy Pawlowski to see how Gannon is going green. The Gannon Goes Green committee

VIDEO: Walk the Halls of Gannon’s Newest Residence

A crew from Edge recently had the chance to tour the construction site of Gannon’s new residence hall. We met up with John Rotko of Building Systems, Inc., who showed us around the several floors that have already been constructed

Maroon, Gold and Green: Making GU ‘Earth-Friendly’

“Going green” has become immensely popular over the last few years, from celebrity endorsements to trendy shopping accessories to the realization that a little more eco-consciousness on everyone’s part actually can help the future of our planet. We are slowly