Photo of the Week: Stations of the Cross

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Every year, students from Campus Ministry act out the Stations of the Cross during Lent in Mary, Seat of Wisdom Chapel. This photo was posted by jschaafphotos on Instagram. Got a great shot for Edge? Tweet it @GannonU or @GannonEdge or tag us @GannonU on Instagram!

Gannon A to Z: I is for Ichthi

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Ichthi is not only the Greek word for fish, but the name of Gannon’s Catholic faith-sharing group. Members meet Thursday nights in the upper lounge of Mary, Seat of Wisdom Chapel to discuss everything from theological questions (Does prayer work? How?) to moral issues (the death penalty) to personal matters (romantic relationships). They also participate […]

Inside the musical mind of Prof. George

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Everybody on campus knows Prof. Annmarie George is a music-lover. That’s what makes her Intro to Music class a “must-take” for so many students. But here are a few things you might not know about Prof. George. Hometown: Erie, Pa. High School: Mercyhurst Prep Favorite color: Light blue

Ultimate Fave 2012: Get your vote on!

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The battle is on for the title of Gannon”s Ultimate Fave 2012. The first round of voting is underway and continues through Monday, March 12. We’ve paired up the 32 places with the most nominations submitted by Edge readers. The winner from each match-up will advance to the next round until only one place remains. […]

College life tests students' faith

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College is stressful enough in terms of academics without worrying about maintaining a faith-centered life. For many students who practice a faith, college is the first test of whether or not they really want to worship. You no longer have your parents forcing you to wake up and go to a service, and the extra […]

Have no fear and speak the speech

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Public speaking: Those two words strike fear in many a student. According to, as much as 75% of the population is in some way afraid of public speaking. Some people have nightmares about it, in which they find themselves standing in front of a huge crowd, often in their underwear. There’s even a name […]

Come to Gannon’s Spring Open House on Sunday, April 18!

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Would you like to meet with Gannon faculty members and take a tour of the campus? Do you have questions about summer orientation, student housing or the FAFSA form? Gannon’s Spring Open House, on Sunday April 18, is the perfect way to accomplish all of this in one stop. The event runs from 11 a.m. […]

Spirit of Singing: Students Express Faith in Chapel Choir

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Gannon students express their faith in many ways; some through service, others through thoughtful discussion and still others through music. The Chapel Choir, directed by Pam Verity, sings at mass, which is held in the Mary Seat of Wisdom Chapel, located on Gannon’s campus. The choir sings and plays at Sunday Masses, held at 11 […]