PLAYLIST: Wake up and get going

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Mornings aren’t very pleasant for me. I’m usually blindly rummaging around my room looking for shoes and the closest pair of sweatpants, tripping over backpacks and piles of clothes, before stumbling out the door on my way to class. You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, getting up for an 8 a.m. is awful. I feel your pain.” […]

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week inspires giving

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As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s more important than ever to think of those who don’t have the same privileges that we do. For this reason, the Center for Social Concerns sponsored Gannon’s annual Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. On Sunday, the Knight Club hosted a T-shirt swap. Attendees were able to swap their T-shirts with someone […]

Student Spotlight: 8 questions for Ayush Enkhtaivan

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Ayush Enkhtaivan, an MBA candidate at Gannon, has lived all over the world – Mongolia, China, Japan and now Erie, Pennsylvania. In honor of International Education Week, we sat down with Ayush to discuss cultural differences, on-campus involvement and the value of traveling abroad. 1. What is the difference between American and Chinese schooling? Classes […]

What’s the cure for homesickness? (Hint: It isn’t going home.)

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Homesickness can hit pretty hard during your first year of college. You’re used to living in a familiar setting with your friends and family, then you get dropped into a new place where you don’t know as many people and you have to live a little more independently. I definitely felt homesick my first semester […]

Laughs for a cause

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Love to laugh? Want to support a good cause? You’re in luck! Hilarity for Charity – a movement led by comedian Seth Rogen to inspire change and raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease among the millennial generation – has hit Gannon. Who: Everyone’s invited. What: The night will feature stand-up comedy routines by students and faculty. […]

4 things I learned from ‘Superheroes’

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Watching vigilantes run around in homemade suits and chase bad guys sounds like a great use of a weekday night to me, so a I couldn’t pass up “Superheroes,” a documentary on Netflix about real-life superheroes. However, these heroes were different than I expected in a number of ways. I learned that: 1. Having a […]

Arctic Monkeys, Taylor Swift top list of favorite song covers

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Everyone loves music covers. I love them because I can listen to my favorite song played 20 different ways by 20 different artists.  They can turn a song I hate into the song I play on repeat for weeks. There are covers all over the internet, but I found some of the best on the […]

Options abound at grad school fair

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Fact I was not aware of: 44 percent of Gannon students go on to graduate school. Another fact I was not aware of: Gannon has hosted an annual Graduate and Professional School Fair for the last 30 years. I’m glad I found out about the event because grad school information is essential not just for […]

Finding the right college (and major) for you

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As someone who never had it all figured out, I was daunted by the whole college search process. It’s hard to balance picking a major while finding a school you like with the right program. Just when you think you’ve found the right school, you realize it doesn’t offer the major you want. Then you […]