Beehive Stimulates Economic Flow of Erie While Combating Brain Drain

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Image Drawn by: Christian Colton Entrepreneurship has long been the theme of the United States since the birth of democracy. In recent years, Erie, Pennsylvania has exemplified the hunger for an American revitalization, as the Northwest Pennsylvania Innovation Beehive Network and other start-up services have provided assistance to businesses in the Erie region. While manufacturing […]

Forgotten Fish and Frogs

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  Waves crash into the blockades of the bayfront. Seagulls yap in unison as they walk in sync, preparing to lift themselves from the pavement near Smugglers’ Wharf. A pinkish hue blankets the horizon, as customers from bars can be heard chattering while they gaze at the dropping sun. It’s Summertime in Erie, Pennsylvania, and […]

Lake Erie: National Marine Sanctuary?

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For many area residents and tourists, Lake Erie is a popular destination for swimming, boating or just a day at the beach. Erie now has the chance to apply to make its piece of the lake a National Marine Sanctuary. An informational meeting was held Tuesday at the Hirt Auditorium to answer questions about what […]

Gannon football team breaks school record at Lake Erie

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The first half played out the same. Gannon’s final offensive drive was the same. And the final score was exactly the same. One year after defeating Lake Erie 36-33 on a touchdown with 1:05 remaining, the Gannon football team found the end zone with 1:06 left in regulation to post a come-from-behind victory by the […]

You Ought to Know: Ed Kissell

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When most people hear the word “advocacy,” they think of the efforts of individuals who take action to influence government programs and policies. I’ve seen many advocates fight for different causes in their lives. I know the struggles that these individuals go through in order to help facilitate change. It’s a tireless battle and oftentimes […]

[Redacted]: Choose your own adventure

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I have been living in Erie for more than 20 years, and in that time I’ve endured bitter winters, disappointing summers and countless missed buses. I’m sure I’ll devote an entire post to the glories of “the e” another day. I love Erie. Sure, all of these specific instances make it seem like Erie is […]

5 things about Erie’s beautiful Bayfront

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The stretch of land along the shore of Lake Erie – known as the Bayfront – is visible and walkable from downtown Erie. Students often say that the view of the Bayfront offers serenity in the midst of city life. Many businesses and attractions are located along Lake Erie’s waterline. The following are some of […]