The stretch of land along the shore of Lake Erie – known as the Bayfront – is visible and walkable from downtown Erie. Students often say that the view of the Bayfront offers serenity in the midst of city life. Many businesses and attractions are located along Lake Erie’s waterline. The following are some of the Bayfront’s biggest hot spots:

1. Bicentennial Tower. This brightly lit, 187-foot tower is located on the very edge of the Bayfront. Every August, Gannon students swarm the pier to watch fireworks shoot off from the tower in celebration of the new school year.

2. Brig Niagara. Students and Erie natives often stop in their tracks to check out the massive wooden pirate ship just behind the Maritime Museum. The US Brig Niagara is a model of the ship from the War of 1812 and serves as one of Erie’s proudest possessions.

3. Maritime Museum. Students who appreciate maritime history can take a five-minute walk down to Presque Isle Bay to see remnants from the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812. Whether or not British-American history is your cup of tea, the museum allows you to explore the ever-fascinating Brig Niagara.

4. Bayfront Convention Center. The convention center is another unique structure that can be seen from campus and lights up the water at night. It conveniently sits right on the pier next to the Bicentennial Tower. Many festivals, expos and shows are hosted there throughout the year, leaving GU close to all the action.

5. Intermodal Transportation Center. Whether you are trying to catch the trolley into Presque Isle, hitching a ride to the mall or hopping on a Greyhound for a trip home, you’ll find the short distance from Gannon to the station incredibly convenient. This base of transportation in Erie is located next to the Maritime Museum, making it less than a five minute walk from any point on campus.