5 things you didn’t know about English majors

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We all have an idea preconceived about English majors and how they spend their time, but how correct could those assumptions be? Here’s a few things that might just change your mind. English majors aren’t just writers. There’s this notion that possessing a degree in English means teaching or writing as a career. While those […]

Becoming a leader in four easy steps

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As you get involved in more campus organizations, you will evolve from a general member to a potential leader. Your organization will trust you to complete assignments, communicate with the general assembly, and represent the group in a positive way. As you emerge as a leader, it can be difficult to find your voice in […]

5 Ways to remotivate

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Coming back to school after winter break can seem like the worst thing in the world. You were just getting used to sleeping in and being lazy when the time to return to campus finally arrived. But coming back to campus and to class doesn’t have to be painful! Here are a few ways to […]

5 things about the Magic Cookie Company

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We’re slowly creeping up on that time of year again: Valentine’s Day.  Instead of frantically scrambling to find the perfect gift for that special someone, why don’t you get them something they will really appreciate? Baked goods!  Luckily, Erie is home to many delicious bakeries, one of them being the Magic Cookie Company.  Here are […]

5 things about the mall at Christmas

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During “the most wonderful time of the year” the last thing most people want to do is trudge through crowded stores, battling with grandmas in babushkas. However, walking through the Millcreek Mall around Christmas can actually make the holidays a little brighter. How? 1. Santa is maybe the best thing about any major shopping complex […]

5 things to know about social work

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A Gannon student gets the unique experience of finding a major that is just right. With the help of the faculty and other students you can find your niche. One major that might be the right fit is social work. The social work department maintains about 50 students at all times, and for good reasons. […]

5 things about Erie’s beautiful Bayfront

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The stretch of land along the shore of Lake Erie – known as the Bayfront – is visible and walkable from downtown Erie. Students often say that the view of the Bayfront offers serenity in the midst of city life. Many businesses and attractions are located along Lake Erie’s waterline. The following are some of […]

5 things to know about sports management and marketing

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Sports management and marketing is a package major at Gannon. It not only provides terrific insight on the sports industry, but applies it to business practice. After interviewing several students in the major, here are five things to know about SM: 1. An SM degree gives sports fans an opportunity to take their passion beyond […]

5 things about Erie’s (and Scranton's) favorite grocery superstore

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If you are like me and have only been surrounded by magnificent Giant Eagle Market Districts before living in Erie, then consider Wegmans supermarket to be Giant Eagle’s amped up big brother. Here are just five of Wegmans’ best assets: 1. International market. Fresh Indian, kosher, Asian, Italian, Mediterranean and Latin American classics are available […]

5 things to know about theatre and communication arts

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Theatre and communication arts (T-Comm) is a major at Gannon with an incredible amount of variety. T-Comm students share a love of drama and the drive to work in the media or public relations. Here are five interesting tidbits about T-Comm at Gannon: 1. Students take a number of hands-on production classes, such as Digital […]