A Gannon student gets the unique experience of finding a major that is just right. With the help of the faculty and other students you can find your niche. One major that might be the right fit is social work. The social work department maintains about 50 students at all times, and for good reasons.

1. A social work degree from Gannon frequently leads to one year of graduate study since the program has been accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.  Students can also obtain a career immediately after graduation. Some potential fields of work are child welfare and mental health.

2. Gannon’s social work program fosters a spirit of volunteerism and giving back. Dr. Parris Baker, the program head, noted these events: “Our annual Christmas dinner feeds approximately 500 people each year. In collaboration with the Community Outreach Group, we distribute over 50,000 pounds of clothing to needy residents of Erie; we sponsor a professional social work conference, annual HIV/AIDS Workshop. We were extremely instrumental in implementing the first Hispanic Heritage celebration in Erie.”

3. As always, internships (in Erie and elsewhere) are available for many social work students. In fact, experiential learning possibilities are tailored to meet students’ interests and potential careers.

4. The social work department is currently attempting to implement study abroad opportunities. This will help give students experiences that will transcend college and assist them in their field of choice.

5. Social work students get the opportunity to learn from city officials, volunteers and practitioners, rather than just professors. The department prides itself on bringing research and hands-on experience into the classroom.