Faculty & Staff Talent Show to benefit students

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It’s an impulse that’s as old as Sophocles (or at least the Little Rascals): Let’s put on a show. And when that show is a benefit for a group of Gannon University students who are traveling to Scotland this summer to, essentially, put on a show that makes this event unusually compelling. It’s the talent […]

5 things about the mall at Christmas

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During “the most wonderful time of the year” the last thing most people want to do is trudge through crowded stores, battling with grandmas in babushkas. However, walking through the Millcreek Mall around Christmas can actually make the holidays a little brighter. How? 1. Santa is maybe the best thing about any major shopping complex […]

5 things to know about social work

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A Gannon student gets the unique experience of finding a major that is just right. With the help of the faculty and other students you can find your niche. One major that might be the right fit is social work. The social work department maintains about 50 students at all times, and for good reasons. […]

[VIDEO] GU-REVU: The Gender Games

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The GU-REVU crew gears up to take a look at Gannon University’s gender-specific sports this week. Women’s lacrosse coach Lindsey Lowman and junior lacrosse player Lauren Hunt talk to Allison Kessler about life on the team at Gannon. Also, coach Don Henry and senior all-American wrestler Ethan Swope shed light on the history of the […]

[VIDEO] GU-REVU: Hometown Heroes and Hometown Rivalries

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This week’s GU-REVU takes a look at the longstanding rivalry between the Gannon Knights and Mercyhurst Lakers. Don Sherman, Associate Director of Athletics at Gannon, talks about what goes on behind the scenes when these two teams meet for exciting matchups at the Hammermill Center. Meanwhile, Alex DelPiumbo gets the scoop from Erie native and […]

Introducing GU-REVU, Gannon's sports video magazine

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This semester, we’re bringing you GU-REVU, a weekly sports video magazine produced by students in the Department of Theatre, Communication and Fine Arts. Take an inside look at Gannon athletics right here on Edge. This week, the GU-REVU crew takes a look at student athletes past and present, featuring alum Joe Gaeta and freshman Candice […]

5 things to know about pre-law/legal studies

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Chances are if you enjoy debate, argumentation and the ideal of justice, you should check out Gannon’s Pre-Law/Legal Studies Department. With unique opportunities for students and a hands-on curriculum, pre-law at Gannon is a great first step into a promising career. Here are some fun facts that might get you started on your search: 1. […]

Molly Brannigan’s for Irish Shenanigans

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On any given Monday here on Gannon’s campus, you’re more than likely to hear more than one group of students plotting their trip to “Molly’s.” To the uninformed ear this may sound peculiar but to a Gannon student or local Erieite, it’s the norm. Molly Brannigan’s, affectionately called Molly’s or Molly B’s by students, is […]