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On any given Monday here on Gannon’s campus, you’re more than likely to hear more than one group of students plotting their trip to “Molly’s.” To the uninformed ear this may sound peculiar but to a Gannon student or local Erieite, it’s the norm. Molly Brannigan’s, affectionately called Molly’s or Molly B’s by students, is one of the most popular places on campus.

Although it’s convenient for students to go to the cafeteria, sometimes it’s nice to eat off campus. Molly Brannigan’s, located on the corner of West 5th Street and State Street is close enough to attract a large crowd.

Molly’s is also reasonably priced, even for a college budget and especially so on Monday nights. Molly B’s offers a Monday “Wing Night,” with all wings on sale for 40 cents. They offer the normal favorites: hot, barbecue, etc. But Molly’s also offers unique and delicious flavors such as Jameson Whiskey, 24 Carat and others. Wing Night draws a big crowd of college students looking for a great way to start the week and get off campus.

Apart from Wing Night, Molly’s is a general hang-out spot for Gannon students. The authentic Irish decorations, historical elements and great cooking leave nothing to be desired. Molly’s walls seem to tell the stories of many Irish immigrants. The walls are covered in paraphernalia either imported from Ireland or recreated in America by Irish craftsmen. Irish newspapers capture the spirit of familiarity with the culture and home land. While students and other guests are busy enjoying the scenery and great atmosphere the Molly B’s staff is busy cooking up traditional fare. The menu ranges from Shepherd’s Pie and Corned Beef to more modernized food such as Chicken Bruschetta and Chicken Alfredo.

Whether stopping by campus for a visit or an Erie resident, Molly’s is a stop everyone should make; it’s certainly a stop Gannon students make often. The great food, laid back atmosphere, intricate decorations, and reasonable prices definitely make it a student fave.

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