International Night: Decadent Food and Jaw-Dropping Talent

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Under one moon, Gannon University students and faculty, as well as Erie residents came together under Gannon University’s Hammermill center to celebrate unity with International Night. Wall to wall tables contained food from around the world with international talent to accompany. International night had my stomach filled with amazing food I had never even tried, […]

The Edge Podcast – Episode 2: What To Do in Erie

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Live music, beaches, urban campus… what do our students like to do in Erie all year? Teddy, Alli and Jess talk about their favorite activities in the area: amusement and water parks, food, festivals and more. (Someone may or may not break into an impromptu a cappella Waldameer jingle so.. if that’s not worth a listen…) […]

Blog: Brace Yourselves

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As Thanksgiving break is quickly approaching, I would like to take a moment and mention what I am most thankful for. I am thankful for all the exams I have had, not only this week, but all of next week as well. I am thankful for my family for going on vacation without me. Lastly, […]

Blog: Brace Yourselves

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Local restaurants, who doesn’t love them? They are pretty universal for all. Usually you find a table and sit down when you first walk through the door. Then you order from the menu, get your food and then finally eat. That is not the process that people with braces go through. We sit down, yeah […]

Food choices you can get behind

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When I over-indulge in sweets, I immediately feel like Bruce Bogtrotter, the unfortunate kid forced to eat an entire cake by Ms. Trunchbull in the classic movie “Matilda.” Maybe my face isn’t covered in frosting, but I get the same look of over-stuffed pain on my face. Except in my situation, I am both Bruce […]