Aaron Eats Erie: Sara’s Diner

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Hello, friends. It’s been too long. A lot has changed in my life since I last paid $5 to eat too much pizza and write about it. I’m once again growing my beard out. I got to see my favorite band of all-time live and proceeded to survive a Greyhound trip I never thought would […]

Aaron Eats Erie III: Or, ‘Aaron splits a large pizza with Adam’

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It was a cold, dark January evening when the prophecy was fulfilled…to be honest, I was scared it might not happen. But when managing editor Michael Haas looked me in the eyes and asked those three fateful words, “Aaron Eats Erie?” I knew my time had come. [Managing Editor’s Note: We’d be crazy to NOT continue the […]

12 ways your life changes when you go to college

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Everyone says these are the best years of your life, and they’re right. College is a great time, but it’s also a big adjustment. Here are 12 ways your life changes when you get to college: 1. You find ways to improvise meals.           Ramen pizza couldn’t be that bad, right? […]

9 offbeat gift ideas for college students

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It’s that time of year again, when you find yourself running around looking for holiday gifts for friends and family. Usually, I have lots of questions like, “What does this person want?” “What don’t they already have?” “People like socks, right?” Don’t get stumped trying to find creative gifts this holiday season. Here are some […]

RUNDOWN: Praise, pancakes and pre-finals fun

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Monday, Dec. 8: Have some old coats or hats sitting around? Donate them to the Winter Clothing Drive basket in Waldron. The drive runs through Friday. Tuesday, Dec. 9: It’s National Pastry Day! Go ahead, eat that cinnamon roll you’ve been eyeing at the café! Wednesday, Dec. 10: Wintertime means comfort food season. Support the […]

RUNDOWN: Games, lights and holiday films

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Monday, Dec. 1: As if you needed a reminder that the holidays are coming, ABC Family’s “25 Days of Christmas” starts today! Turn on your TV to catch your favorite holiday specials! Tuesday, Dec. 2: The season wouldn’t be complete without giving back to the community. Participate in Giving Tuesday and help the world a […]

A definitive ranking of classic Thanksgiving food

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Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays – an entire day devoted to parades, football games, dog shows and, most importantly, FOOD. I know that gathering around the table for Thanksgiving dinner can be overwhelming when there’s a feast in front of you. How can you possibly decide what to eat? Don’t worry, friends, as […]

A definitive ranking of the best vending machines on campus

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So you’re walking to class, listening to “1989,” when suddenly, you’re struck with a familiar pain. No, it can’t be – lunch is an hour and 20 minutes away! You double over in hunger like werewolf during a full moon and let out a distinguished howl. Luckily, you have some options, which is why I […]

Aaron Eats Erie: Or, ‘Aaron eats a lot of hot wings for science’

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For decades, the Mook family has conquered hot foods with an iron stomach. My father and his father before him in particular ingested Gibble’s Hot Chips as if they were oxygen, so one would be surprised to learn that such a clearly sophisticated and experienced food critic as myself pretty much abhors hot food. As […]