Everyone says these are the best years of your life, and they’re right. College is a great time, but it’s also a big adjustment. Here are 12 ways your life changes when you get to college:

1. You find ways to improvise meals.

ramen pizza






Ramen pizza couldn’t be that bad, right?

2. You understand the importance of naptime.

Twenty minutes till class? That’s enough time for a power nap.

3. 8 a.m. seems so much earlier than before.

Alarm clock







Getting up for the bus at 6 a.m. seemed so easy in high school.

4. You aren’t ashamed to wear  pajamas all day.

Remember caring how you looked in the morning? Yeah, me neither. They’re just so warm and inviting.

5. Late night study sessions become a necessary evil.








What do these notes say? Why can’t I read my own handwriting? I YEARN FOR SLEEP!

6. Movie nights become highlight of your week.

Twelve-hour “Star Wars” marathon, anyone?

7. You type five-page papers faster than you ever thought possible.

3 am paper






What’s life without a little panic?

8. You have to stash food to keep your roommates from eating it.

“Why is there a jar of peanut butter in your pillow case?”

9. You’re scared to check your email.





The only thing scarier than hundreds of unread emails is five missed calls from your mom.

10. Your empty fridge is a constant source of sadness.

fridge empty






“Food in my fridge. Now that’s something I haven’t seen in a long time.”

11. But not as much as your empty wallet.










Nothing but a few lonely dust bunnies – and a few broke college kid tears.

12. You finally get why everyone freaks out about finals week.

sos help






Just make it through to winter break…Just make it through to winter break…