Hey, everyone! My name is Aaron Mook. If you visit the site regularly, you may know me as either a) the guy who reviews weird music all the time, b) the guy who writes about panic attacks, or c) the guy with the facial hair.

Well, if you enjoy my writing, you’ll be happy to know that you’re reading a brand new feature called “Aaron Eats Erie,” in which I will visit a local eatery once a month for a (hopefully) lovely sit-down meal and write about my experiences.

Aaron Eats Erie

The sweet face of brutal honesty

This week, I traveled to Pineapple Eddie’s on West 10th Street on a double date with my girlfriend, Jessi, Edge’s assignment editor, Mary Kate Carroll, and her boyfriend, Griff.

We arrived at the bistro and immediately I knew I’d made a horrible mistake. For inside, beautiful tables filled with beautiful people sat, lit by Christmas light-covered bonsai trees, and alas, I was wearing a sweatshirt and cargo pants. I could practically hear the other patrons complaining about having to see me while enjoying their meals.

As we seated ourselves, our waiter Olat promptly greeted us, making us increasingly aware of the menu’s apparent prices. This was high-end stuff – stuff no college student working 10 hours a week could ever afford. But I had a job to do, and if that job included tasting the $8 appetizer special featuring chicken wings with a blueberry glaze, then I will so you, my confidants, won’t have to. Fortunately, my job didn’t include that, because come on, that sounds gross.

Griff and I decided on an affordable plate of chicken and waffles. I was never sure how I felt about the prospect of chicken and waffles, but the idea of chicken FOLLOWING waffles was pretty tempting. The ladies ordered pasta, and while we waited, we were offered a glorious gift of honey-glazed cornbread.

Aaron Eats Erie

It turns out love isn’t something you feel; it’s something you smell and breathe all over.

So at this point in the evening, the cornbread gets an A+. Fortunately for us, our meals arrived within 20 minutes, and mine arrived with a small garnish.

Aaron Eats Erie

Ate this to avoid looking like an idiot. Ended up looking like an idiot.

I was also lucky enough to be able to switch out my side of kale and cabbage for some real food –  mashed potatoes. I started with those. You’ll have to forgive me if my food terms are a bit rusty.

The potatoes were surprisingly buttery and flavorful despite not having any actual butter on them. They ruled. From there, I moved to the fried chicken, which was cooked to a golden crisp. It felt odd ordering comfort food from such a fancy restaurant. Like, the very same menu offered a nice smothered halibut, and here I was eating fried chicken and waffles. Was this a metaphor for the direction my life was headed in?

I quickly ate my feelings, choking down half of a waffle before deciding I had gone far enough. Mary Kate then promptly demanded I finish what I paid for. She had a point. I attempted to stack the remaining waffle slices and eat them as quickly and inconspicuously as possible.

Aaron Eats Erie

I may be the looks of this operation, but I still know how to get down.

Alas, I did not finish the waffles – I ate waffles for lunch two weeks straight once and my sweet tooth has suffered ever since – but rest assured they were delicious.

OFFICIAL VERDICT: Pineapple Eddie’s is a pricey bistro that more than proves its worth, should you have the money to spend. The restaurant provides a lovely evening atmosphere and offers a variety of Caribbean and southern-style foods. It may not be for the weak of wallet, but Pineapple Eddie’s is perfect for an evening out with your significant other.

Recommendations: Free cornbread, mashed potatoes, not wearing cargo shorts