When I over-indulge in sweets, I immediately feel like Bruce Bogtrotter, the unfortunate kid forced to eat an entire cake by Ms. Trunchbull in the classic movie “Matilda.” Maybe my face isn’t covered in frosting, but I get the same look of over-stuffed pain on my face. Except in my situation, I am both Bruce and Trunchbull, perpetrator and victim all in one. While I can’t say I have ever eaten an entire cake by myself in one sitting, I will admit I have eaten an entire bag of chips in one sitting. If you haven’t done that before, add it to your bucket list. Embrace the Bruce. But just once, because the misery that follows will kick you hard when you try to run up the stairs to class like you usually do. Trust me.

Alas, as much as I have eaten horribly through my days, I have started a new path. No, I will not be eating “paleo” nor will I succumb to that whole “raw” movement (I need warm food, people. WARM FOOD). However, I have cut down my sugar intake substantially and am eating low-carb. It’s really not so bad, once you get used to taking the time to cook your meals.

The best news? Even low-carb eaters can still enjoy the glory that is sriracha. Hallelujah. That spicy wonder is used quite frequently in my chicken dishes. If you are a sriracha addict like me, you know it will do nothing to quench your desire for sugary goodness, so here are some dessert ideas that might help you feel less Bruce, and feel more (insert your name here) after eating sweets:

1. Crack that whip!

Cool Whip, that is. Dip some strawberries in Cool Whip for insta-delish. This is one of my favorite ways to feed my sweet tooth. You get sweetness from both the strawberries and Cool Whip, without adding hundreds of calories and massive amounts of sugar to your day. Just don’t eat the whole tub of Cool Whip. Tempting, but no.

2. Parfaits for Days

Not literally days, but I couldn’t resist that nifty little rhyme. Grab some low-fat yogurt, like the Oikos Triple Zero Greek yogurt, add some berries and BOOM. A snazzy dessert that you don’t have to feel guilty about. The ultimate bonus for me is feeling fancy for eating something that sounds so upper-crust.

3. Broil that mango.

You know that function on your oven you never thought you would use? Now you get a chance! It may seem odd to broil fruit, but it brings out even more taste. Arrange the mango slices in a single layer on foil in a pan. Broil it until some brown spots appear (about 8-10 minutes). Once out of the oven, squeeze some lime juice over the pieces for extra zing. Booyah.

4. You gotta ricotta!

Heat up some frozen cherries in the good ol’ microwave until they are warm (about 1-2 minutes). Top them with a couple of spoonfuls of ricotta cheese and chopped up almonds. Muy delicioso? Check. Lower guilt from that little health angel on your shoulder? Discount double check.

5. Cinnamon, mon.

Many people have enjoyed the traditional pairing of apples dipped in cinnamon, but what about oranges? Yeah, I thought it sounded strange at first, but hear me out. Mix together a little bit of orange juice, lemon juice, Stevia and cinnamon. Pour that mixture over some orange slices and you will have brought cinnamon to a whole new level. Or you could just stick to apples and cinnamon if you aren’t feeling adventurous.

6. The British Are Coming!

Okay, not really, but it was that or “Boston Harbor Mandarins.” If you haven’t caught on yet, it’s tea. Black tea and mandarin oranges. Questionable? Just try it: Make a cup of black tea and pour it over mandarin slices, with some honey and cardamom. It’s odd, yes, but let me be that motherly voice and say, “How do you know you don’t like it if you don’t try it?” And yes, I just made that sassy look while typing that.

7. Onward, Ambrosius!

Now I am having way too much fun with these numberings. For anyone who has seen “Labyrinth,” you will recognize Ambrosius as the dog that the fox Sir Didymus rides. It was the first thing to pop in my mind when thinking of ambrosia. To make this simple dessert, mix together banana slices, mandarin slices and pineapple chunks. Add a cup of low-fat yogurt and some marshmallows, then enjoy.