Food choices you can get behind

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When I over-indulge in sweets, I immediately feel like Bruce Bogtrotter, the unfortunate kid forced to eat an entire cake by Ms. Trunchbull in the classic movie “Matilda.” Maybe my face isn’t covered in frosting, but I get the same look of over-stuffed pain on my face. Except in my situation, I am both Bruce […]

Getting it straight: Credit Cards

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Signing up for your first credit card is an exciting moment in one’s life. You get to buy things you want without having to pay for them right away. But, problems can arise when it comes to credit cards; you spend more money than you can pay back. Here are a few tips when it […]

Initial 2013-14 budget draft released

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Vice President of Finance and Administration Linda Wagner was on hand at last Thursday’s Student Government Association general assembly meeting to present Gannon University’s preliminary budget for the 2013-14 academic year. Some highlights of the presentation included a recommended 3.9 percent increase in tuition and the new $550,000 Strategic Plan implementation. Wagner said the budget […]

Prep U for GU: Making Cash in College

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Coming to college can be a big adjustment in your daily routine. For many of students it means leaving familiar territory and venturing into the unknown. It also means venturing away from parents’ wallets and high school part-time jobs. The distance from those things may hinder your monthly cash flow, but don’t worry — there […]

Trials of a Math-Fearing Theatre Major

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It’s not that I hate math, it’s really just that it scares me a little. Let me explain. Don’t get me wrong, I greatly appreciate the intricacies of mathematics. I just don’t exactly love being the one to… how should I say it… explore those intricacies.