It’s not that I hate math, it’s really just that it scares me a little.

Let me explain. Don’t get me wrong, I greatly appreciate the intricacies of mathematics. I just don’t exactly love being the one to… how should I say it… explore those intricacies.

But as a second semester senior, I need to take a math course to complete my liberal studies core and graduate. I’m not gonna lie, I was a little bummed out. I haven’t taken a math course since I was in high school and the thought of waking up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and walking into the Zurn Science Center surrounded by people who understand that great art much better than I do seemed a little daunting.

Well, the semester began and my first class of the term was – lo and behold – College Algebra with Dr. Dietz. I sat toward the back of the class just so I was close enough to see the board but far enough back that I could listen quietly without running the risk of being called on for a question I had no idea about the answer to.

Luckily, ten minutes into the class my attitude shifted. Dr. Dietz is a brilliant mathematician with an amazing knowledge of algebra. Sure I’m still slightly intimidated by the whole thing, but with a good sense of humor, Dr. Dietz gives the class a good tone that makes me happy to be learning a new skill.

Gannon’s liberal studies core is the perfect tool for students to learn – or brush up on – skills needed in the real world. Math isn’t something you can learn once and forget forever. Every single day after college I’ll need the skills I’m learning in this class to calculate budgets and work out my finances. This is a class I may not have chosen to take on my own, but the fact that it’s required for a theatre & communication arts major to take math will help me so much when I’m out in the real world.

Happy calculating!