Buzz About the Bee – Integration Bee with the Mathematics Department

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This advising day… students interested in free food, friendly competition – and calculus – have an event to look forward to this year on March 21, the Integration Bee. The integration bee is similar to a spelling be, but as opposed to spelling words, competitors will solve problems from integral calculus. For this reason, it […]

Pre-Praxis Advice from a Middle Level Ed Major

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One thing about being a Middle Level Education major is that I have to take many Praxis certification tests. Now, as a Middle Level Education major with a language arts concentration, I have to take a pedagogy test, an English and social studies test, and a math and science test. I also have to take […]

Robotics in Jordan

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GUBotDev (Gannon University’s robotics team) was selected to help design a robotics curriculum to be taught to high school students in Jordan. The trip was held during spring break. Computer and Information Sciences professor Mark Blair, associate provost Dr. Kathleen Kingston, and junior electrical engineering major Nick Devine also went on the trip. GUBotDev designs and […]

NASA’S program prepares students for today’s workforce

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A group of eight students in Gannon University’s engineering, math, nursing and pre-medical programs have been given the opportunity to take their studies to new heights through their participation in NASA’s inaugural Undergraduate Student Instrument Program. Over the last year, the students constructed their project to be submitted to NASA’s Scientific Ballooning Program. Following evaluation […]

Introducing GU-REVU, Gannon's sports video magazine

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This semester, we’re bringing you GU-REVU, a weekly sports video magazine produced by students in the Department of Theatre, Communication and Fine Arts. Take an inside look at Gannon athletics right here on Edge. This week, the GU-REVU crew takes a look at student athletes past and present, featuring alum Joe Gaeta and freshman Candice […]

Technology to Theology: More Ways to Use Your Gannon Degree

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Stephen R. Hooper, AAP, CTP ’77 Mathematics My mentor before, during and after my time at Gannon was the late James Freeman, professor of mathematics. His guidance and steadying influence made the difference between success and failure at a crucial time in my life, and with Freeman’s encouragement, I obtained my master’s degree in mathematics […]

Actuarial Science: The Math of Risky Business

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Not everyone has a way with numbers, but if you’re one of those lucky few who do and you enjoy crunching numbers, a major in mathematics with a concentration in actuarial science may be for you. Actuarial science students take all the classes required for a math major and fill elective credits with courses in […]

Trials of a Math-Fearing Theatre Major

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It’s not that I hate math, it’s really just that it scares me a little. Let me explain. Don’t get me wrong, I greatly appreciate the intricacies of mathematics. I just don’t exactly love being the one to… how should I say it… explore those intricacies.

Delta Sigma Phi Brothers Make Spring Break Plans

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With spring break coming up in about a week, many students have begun making plans for a relaxing week away from classes and homework. The brothers of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity shared their plans with us. Shawn Hogue, sophomore biology/pre-med major “I am planning on spending my spring break with my family. I always […]