Not everyone has a way with numbers, but if you’re one of those lucky few who do and you enjoy crunching numbers, a major in mathematics with a concentration in actuarial science may be for you.

Actuarial science students take all the classes required for a math major and fill elective credits with courses in finance, risk management and economics.

Mariah Perry, a freshman mathematics major with a concentration in actuarial science, said she enjoys seeing the connections between her math and business courses.

“It sounded like an interesting major when I picked it,” Perry said, “and I really like all of my classes.”

Students in this program will be prepared to take the state-required actuary exams necessary to practice.

“Once I pass the exam,” Perry said, “I’d like to work for an insurance company or for the government figuring out people’s coverage.”

With this major, jobs in insurance are popular. Actuaries calculate risk and help decide how much insurance customers should get for their house, car and healthcare.

If you’re interested in mathematics, other career paths include:

  • Teaching
  • Mathematician
  • Architect
  • Economist
  • Lawyer

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