NWPA Innovation Beehive Network Supports Local Business

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Just one year after starting their business venture together, Nancy and Jason Morris have transformed an idea into a patented product sold by the company they’ve established together–Two Sparrows Learning Systems. Nancy, an instructor in Gannon University’s School of Education, and husband Jason, engineering manager at Greenleaf Corporation, have been driven by entrepreneurial spirit to […]

English as a Second Language – Teaching while Learning

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As a major in the education program (and not having a car on campus), I chose to observe the English as a Second Language courses right here at Gannon in order to fulfill the observation field requirement for my ESL methods class. I found them to be some of the most interesting I’d ever observed. Maybe it […]

A life-changing guest speaker in my theology class

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Every student at Gannon is required to take either “Theology of Moral Response” or “Philosophy of Ethics.” I ended up taking the theology class this semester with Dr. Kerr, who brought in a guest speaker named Miguel. Miguel suffered a broken back in a motorcycle accident and began to realize the discrimination people with disabilities […]

An English teacher learning to teach science

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As a Middle Level Education major I have to be prepared to teach upper elementary math, social studies, and science even though my concentration is English. This is why I have to take some science classes, even though I ultimately want to teach English. This semester, I took two of the science classes Middle Level […]

My Experience in Education Field Work

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Last month marked my last days of field work at Villa Elementary School. I can truly say that this placement has been one of the most worthwhile experiences of my entire life. I learned a lot from both my cooperating teacher and the students. Now let me take a moment to look back at my entire […]

Learning the music for Evita is hard. What does this mean for my career as an educator?

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This spring at Gannon University, the theater department decided to be ambitious enough to put together Andrew Lloyd Weber’s acclaimed musical Evita. I was cast in the ensemble in this production. After the first vocal rehearsal, I realized that this production features incredibly complex music with insane time signature and key changes. The music also features […]

Unicorns, chocolate cake and C.S. Lewis with Dr. Conklin

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Found primarily on the first floor of the Zurn Science Center, Dr. Nicholas Conklin is an assistant professor in the physics department. Whether he’s in the classroom breaking down “Hollywood physics” or in the lab explaining force and momentum of “frictionless” carts, Dr. Conklin shares his love of physics with students. Let’s find out all […]

Actuarial Science: The Math of Risky Business

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Not everyone has a way with numbers, but if you’re one of those lucky few who do and you enjoy crunching numbers, a major in mathematics with a concentration in actuarial science may be for you. Actuarial science students take all the classes required for a math major and fill elective credits with courses in […]

Learn to Teach: Goals Change as My Comfort Zone Grows

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Learning to Teach: Inside the School of Education is a new blog by David Reichard, a junior elementary and special education major from Greenville, PA. David will share his experiences studying to be a teacher and stepping into the classroom as he prepares for his future. You can reach David at reichard005@gannon.edu. Hi! Welcome to […]