Gannon offers prospective students several days of concentrated study to see just what we do here in the classes of their interest. Think of it as looking through a window into the class of your choice – but instead of being outside looking in, you’re at GU.

And they feed you lunch.

Throughout the semester, high school students can enjoy days like:

Business Day – Students get a look at what our programs in business have to offer – including our unique 5-year master’s in business administration and brand-new entrepreneurship program.

A Candidate’s Vision of Teaching
Students are offered a series of presentations and discussions to hear more about Gannon’s useful practicum and portfolio experiences.

Days with the Dean of Health Sciences Students spend the day touring the new Robert H. Morosky Academic Center and explore our state-of-the-art labs and classrooms.

Fall Open House and Scholarship Contest – Students meet with admissions and financial aid staff as well as coaches, faculty, and current students. Our campus is open for you too see at your leisure by foot, trolley, bus or car.

Science Saturday Students spend the day learning about career opportunities in mathematics and the sciences as well as participating in interactive laboratory experiences that will give you insight into state-of-the-art laboratory methods.

Fourteen students attended Engineering Day, held Oct. 2, which highlighted Gannon’s programs in engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, management information systems, mechanical engineering and software engineering.

“Erie is a city made for engineers,” said Patrick Kneisler, who entered Gannon as an engineering major in 2007. “It is set to grow – despite the current economy – and many opportunities will appear. It’s especially important because of the connections you can make through internships, and just getting out there to talk with employers and activists.”

Bridget Philip, assistant director of the Office of Admissions, said the program featured interactive presentations including Watercraft, Traffic Signal Control, Water Filtration System, and “Imagine, Define Create: The Many Facets of Computers, Software and Systems.”

These programs introduce students to the types of work they’ll be experiencing as a student in the field of engineering both at Gannon and throughout the city of Erie.

Be sure to check out the concentrated study day that interests you!