Now’s the best time to find a summer internship! Here’s how.

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Congratulations, you’ve made it through another semester. Whether you are a senior coming up on your last hoorah or a sophomore who has finally gotten the hang of things, your winter break is a much needed, much welcomed, few moments of rest. Don’t sleep too much and miss out on your chance to get a […]

5 reasons why you should check out Gannon’s accounting major

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1. Dozens of career paths. Students who study accounting can go on to become auditors, business consultants, financial planners, forensic accountants, tax attorneys, tax preparers/planners, budget analysts, FBI special agents, financial accountants, internal auditors, internal revenue agents or managerial accountants. The “possibilities” are endless.   2. A growing field. Accounting is a valuable tool in the business […]

Did I get it? My search for an internship

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Summer is fast approaching, and, much like everyone else, I am hoping to get an awesome internship. Watch my vlog to see how I approach the interview and what tips I can give. [youtube_sc url=””]

Gannon interns actually do stuff

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It’s a necessary part of the school year or summer: the internship. Meant to give you some real world experience in your chosen field, an internship can be both exciting and intimidating. As an intern, you could do any number of tasks or have any number of responsibilities. It’s not just being the stereotypical gopher, […]

5 things to know about sports management and marketing

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Sports management and marketing is a package major at Gannon. It not only provides terrific insight on the sports industry, but applies it to business practice. After interviewing several students in the major, here are five things to know about SM: 1. An SM degree gives sports fans an opportunity to take their passion beyond […]

Finding inspiration in New York City

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And the first word of the 2012-2013 academic year: luck. The last time you heard from me, I was desperately seeking summer employment in my hometown. To make a dull story short, I landed a job as a cashier at Staples and spent the next few months scanning carts full of back-to-school supplies. And while […]

Live from North Carolina: My internship in the arts

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July is usually a weird month for me. It’s the midpoint of summer, so I’m basically ready to go back to school, but I also love the quintessential summer things that all seem to happen in July. My friends and I take trips to a local amusement park, to the pool and downtown to explore […]

[VIDEO] Dr. Melanie Hatch: Pride & Prejudice, Engineering & Business

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If you find yourself in Gannon’s Zurn Science Center, stop by and see Dr. Melanie Hatch, dean of the College of Engineering and Business. Dr. Hatch can tell you all about the relationship between the engineering field and the business world, and she’ll even fill you in on the plot of her favorite Jane Austen […]

5 Things to Know About Sports Management and Marketing

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Have you ever wanted to turn your obsession with sports into a career? Then consider studying sports management and marketing. Here’s a quick look at what this program at Gannon has to offer: 1. Academic and merit scholarships for sports management and marketing majors are available through the Business Excellence Awards.

Nursing Internship Success at St. Vincent

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I recently found out I have been offered the internship I wrote about in my last blog! I first heard about the St. Vincent internship when I was a freshman nursing student. A lot of the older nursing students talked about applying for it, and how it was a great opportunity for the summer before senior […]