Just keep studying, just keep studying…

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It’s finals week at Gannon, and underclassmen and grad students alike are hitting the books in the places where they focus best. So we were wondering: What is your favorite study spot on campus and why?   Jesstin Hamm, sophomore communication arts major: The power room. It has more computers than the library. It’s quiet […]

Students fall in love with GU

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Midterms are over and fall break is finally here! So we asked a few students, “What’s your favorite part of fall at Gannon?” Rachel Simmons, sophomore nursing major:  I love Gannon autumns because I feel so much excitement. All of the sports teams are basically starting up and football is in full swing. It’s hard […]

Seniors look back at the last four years

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As graduation approaches, seniors are reflecting on their time at Gannon. With countless experiences and memories behind them, we wanted to know, “What is one thing that Gannon has given you?” Shane Braendel, business management major: Manhood – I have definitely grown up in these four years. I became a man.

Gannon students gaze into the future

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With all the exams and projects that comprise college life, it’s easy for students to lose sight of what they’re working toward. Some, however, have a clear picture in mind. In five years, they see themselves… Jared Schaaf, freshman history/pre-law major: …continuing my education here at Gannon. I will be working hard to pay for […]

What are your plans for spring break?

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The warm weather in Erie is making many students anxious for spring break, even though it is still three weeks away. Here’s what several students are planning to do with their time off: Samantha Heller, freshman chemistry/pre-pharmacy major: I’m spending my spring break working at my part-time job at Wegman’s – the greatest grocery store […]

Dr. Thomas Ostrowski: Texan at heart

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Dr. Ostrowski’s life consists of more than just politics. Take a look at some of the things that define his life in this “All About.” Name: Dr. Thomas Ostrowski Hometown: Erie, PA High School: Cathedral Preparatory GU Major: Philosophy (for 2 years) GU Department: Political Science Favorite food: Anything garlic or Texas barbecue

7 ways to have frosty fun at Gannon

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Once the exuberance of the holidays and the glorious relaxation of break come to an end, students face a long, dismal winter. Still, this season brings a wide variety of unique opportunities for entertainment. Here are some ways to embrace Erie’s notoriously frosty weather: 1. Take a Peak. Only a 40-minute drive from Gannon’s campus, […]

RELAX! Tips on getting your mind off of school

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Having just finished finals here at Gannon, we asked some of our peers what they do to get their minds off of school and relax. Luis Pontillo, junior theatre and communication arts major: After spending my first year in college, I realized the chaos that is the life of a true student. Having lived within […]

GU students set new goals for new year

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It’s a new year and a fresh start for students at GU. Many students have some ideas as to what they would like to accomplish in the second semester. Take a look at what students have their minds set on for the spring. King Fatumbi, freshman mechanical engineering major: One of my goals is to […]

RECAP: December Headlines from Edge

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As is often the case, December flew by in a cloud of holiday cheer. Here’s a look back at the posts we published on Edge while the semester wrapped and Christmas arrived. Features: Physical Therapy and Film Production: More Ways to Use Your Gannon Degree by Gannon Magazine staff (12/4/2011) Mascot Mayhem: Final Four Revealed […]