Midterms are over and fall break is finally here! So we asked a few students, “What’s your favorite part of fall at Gannon?”

Rachel Simmons, sophomore nursing major: 

I love Gannon autumns because I feel so much excitement. All of the sports teams are basically starting up and football is in full swing. It’s hard not to be spirited with all of this going on.


Matt Germeyer, junior theatre and communication arts major:

I love that Erie’s fall colors come in faster and more vibrantly than anywhere else. That means longer comfy hoodie season, too!


Ryann Gardner, junior social work major:

Gannon is fun in the fall because you get to see all of your friends you haven’t seen all summer. The best times are tailgating for football games and dancing in the homecoming parade.


Carly Manion, senior business administration major:

Walking around campus and seeing all of the leaves change color is great. I love that football season is going on because there’s so much spirit and going to the games is so much fun. I get pretty into it.


Zak Westfall, freshman environmental engineering major:

I love the weather here. I’m from Rochester, so having weather that feels like home is really comforting. I know it sounds so weird, but I love the smell of it.