VIDEO: Gannon students try yoga

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In this edition of Gannon Try Guys, the guys test their yoga skills at Gannon’s Recreation and Wellness Center. The Recreation and Wellness Center offers a variety of fitness classes that are FREE to students. Whether you’re interested in yoga, Zumba, cardio cycle or Pilates, there’s a class available to help you reach your fitness goals.

Gannon students test skills with water polo

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Inspired by Buzzfeed’s ‘Try Guys,’ a group of Gannon students have gotten together (with an adventurous spirit) to try new things that are available on Gannon’s campus. In this edition, the Gannon Try Guys try water polo for the first time.

PLAYLIST: Spring cleaning jams

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This playlist is one Missy Elliot song away from being a total blasty from the pasty, but it’s a solid set to listen to if you need to maintain positive vibes. This is my favorite playlist for when I’m cleaning my apartment. I make a mean dance duo with my Swiffer Wet Jet. The Quick […]

VIDEO: Relay for Life “Jail and Bail”

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On February 24 and 26,  Gannon University’s Psychology Club sponsored a fundraiser in support of Relay For Life….the “Jail and Bail!” Community members were able to put someone in “Jail” or pay to get them out! This event promised to be one that would make you laugh, allow you to “get even” and all the while support a great cause. […]

Life in Motion: the stress of the job search

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It’s the reason we come to college. We graduate high school and pursue a degree in higher education because we believe it will help us get the job we want. The facade that college is just a giant party is just that — a facade. Surely, if you were a prospective student looking to party, […]

Bringing “Melancholy” to the Schuster Theatre

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Featured photo courtesy of Rick Klein. As defined by Webster’s dictionary, a farce is a comic, dramatic work using buffoonery and horseplay, and typically includes crude characterization and ludicrously improbable situations.  Sarah Ruhl’s “The Melancholy Play,” directed by Alaina Manchester, is no exception to this definition. “The Melancholy Play” opens with Tilly (played by Brianna […]

5 things to know about sports management and marketing

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Sports management and marketing is a package major at Gannon. It not only provides terrific insight on the sports industry, but applies it to business practice. After interviewing several students in the major, here are five things to know about SM: 1. An SM degree gives sports fans an opportunity to take their passion beyond […]

Students fall in love with GU

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Midterms are over and fall break is finally here! So we asked a few students, “What’s your favorite part of fall at Gannon?” Rachel Simmons, sophomore nursing major:  I love Gannon autumns because I feel so much excitement. All of the sports teams are basically starting up and football is in full swing. It’s hard […]