As is often the case, December flew by in a cloud of holiday cheer. Here’s a look back at the posts we published on Edge while the semester wrapped and Christmas arrived.


Physical Therapy and Film Production: More Ways to Use Your Gannon Degree
by Gannon Magazine staff (12/4/2011)

Mascot Mayhem: Final Four Revealed
by Edge Staff (12/5/2011)

@GU: December Delights on Gannon’s Campus
by Rob Lopez (12/7/2011)

CLICK-WORTHY: Hungry for the Holidays
by Tyler Babcock (12/8/2011)

High School Mascot Mayhem: Vote for the Champion!
by Edge Staff (12/12/2011)

7 Ways Gannon Shares the Spirit of Christmas
by Erika Krenn (12/15/2011)

High School Mascot Mayhem: And the Winner Is…
by Edge Staff (12/19/2011)

GU Speak: MidKnight Pancake Breakfast
by Matt Kridel (12/21/2011)

1,000 Words: Presidential Christmas Decor
by Allison Kessler (12/24/2011)

Merry Christmas from Edge and Gannon University!
by Edge Staff (12/25/2011)

5 Things To Know About Occupational Therapy
by Shawn Hogue (12/27/2011)

Reel Experience on a Realistic Budget
by Ryann Beaumont (12/28/2011)

Top Posts of 2011: Edge’s Most Popular Features
by Edge Staff (12/29/2011)

Top Posts of 2011: Editors’ Picks
by Edge Staff (12/30/2011)



It’s Easy Being Green at One Green World Café
by Keefer Kopco (12/3/2011)

Surviving College: It’s About Time
by Keefer Kopco (12/6/2011)

Dr. Melanie Hatch: Pride & Prejudice, Engineering & Business
by Keefer Kopco (12/10/2011)

Hail to the Chief: Gannon Welcomes New President
by Keefer Kopco (12/17/2011)



Freshman’s Lesson in Time Management 101
by Brianna Woods (12/2/2011)

Big City Helps Change Big Plans
by Kim Inscoe (12/9/2011)

Oral Presentations: The Horror! The Horror!
by Tyler Babcock (12/13/2011)

[NEW BLOG] Faithfully: Living, Learning, Growing in Faith
by Shawn Hogue (12/16/2011)

Sarah’s College Search Advice: Find a Place that Feels Like ‘Home’
by Sarah Sgro (12/20/2011)

For Social Work Students, Christmas Starts with Service
by Steph Gottron (12/22/2011)

David’s Break Plans: Skype, Skyrim and Snow Gear
by David Kramer (12/23/2011)

Getting Wrapped Up In the Holidays
by Matt Kridel (12/26/2011)