It’s a new year and a fresh start for students at GU. Many students have some ideas as to what they would like to accomplish in the second semester. Take a look at what students have their minds set on for the spring.

King Fatumbi, freshman mechanical engineering major:

One of my goals is to make at least one friend in each of my classes, so that if I need help, I have someone to turn to. I’m more effective studying with others so I’d like to form study groups so I can get better grades in my classes.

I want to contribute more to SGA and ask for more students’ input about what they would like to be added, removed or changed in the university.

Other goals that I have just been striving for all my life is to be more understanding about other people, less of a procrastinator, and read more books! I also have a goal to join or form a book club here at Gannon.

Emily Russell, freshman chemistry major:

Next semester I have many goals that I would like to meet. My biggest goal would to keep a cumulative GPA of around 3.6. To accomplish that goal I will have to continue to do well in all of my classes.

Also, I plan to learn some new songs on guitar and I plan to work on more art pieces. I hope to expand my social circle by joining more clubs and making new friends. To do this, I will need to pay more attention to what is going on at Gannon and becoming more involved.

Bridget Hovendon, freshman physician assistant major:

I’ve got a lot of hopes and goals for next semester. I want to get ahead on school work, rather than fall behind. Ideally, I will find time to study each day in order to accommodate what I anticipate will be a more rigorous semester.

It’s also important to me to find more time for independent reading. I plan to exercise every day, eat healthier meals and budget my sleep differently. I want to have fun, too!

Aishu Irri, freshman biology / LECOM 4+4 major:

My main goal is to keep an overall grade point average of 3.2. My second is to become involved in more clubs and other activities around campus; I would like to join an intramural team next semester and do more volunteer work around campus.

I would like to become more acquainted with the downtown Erie area, and learn more about it.

I also plan on not procrastinating on my work, as I did this passing semester. I plan on studying a little bit at a time before big exams, instead of cramming the night before. I plan on establishing a better and healthier sleeping schedule for myself, so I can wake up easier, and be less tired during the day.

And last, but most importantly, I would like to make more friends.

Bryan Stein, freshman sports management and marketing major:

My first goal is keeping my high grade point average. I plan on focusing more on my studies, and less on socializing.

I plan on figuring out where I am living next year, whether it is a different residence hall like North Hall or maybe consider an apartment. I plan on finding a job on campus to cover any expenses that I may need without bothering my parents.


Tell us your plans for the Spring 2012 semester. Comment below!