Engineering a Better World: an Alumni Spotlight

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Meet Jared Lossie. A Lake City, PA graduate of Girard High School, Jared earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Gannon in 2012. What first drew you to Gannon? In addition to having an excellent mechanical engineering program, three key things helped me decide on Gannon: it was close to home, had a theatre program, […]

Family of Gannon

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-“We’re both Graduate Mechanical Engineering students.” -“Do either of you have a passion or goal for what you’ll work on after graduation?” -“I want to work on designing automobiles. I have always been interested in the design.” -“I hope to work in the aerospace industry. Particularly with wind turbines.”

What you never knew about engineering majors

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Gannon offers the only Mechanical Engineering Master’s Degree in the region. What you might not know is that Gannon also offers five other branches of engineering for students: biomedical, electrical and computer, environmental, industrial  and software. Biomedical Engineering: The Biomedical Engineering program expands on traditional engineering expertise to analyze and solve problems in biology and […]

Gannon alumna to present biomedical engineering research

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Gannon University alumna Angelica de Rosa will conduct a presentation on Thursday, Oct. 3, at 7 p.m. in the Zurn Science Center, Room 104, on 143 W. Seventh St. Her presentation is called “Radiation Induced Bone Loss: Space Flight and Beyond,” and it will focus on the problem of radiation-induced osteoporosis, both in space flight […]

Gannon interns actually do stuff

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It’s a necessary part of the school year or summer: the internship. Meant to give you some real world experience in your chosen field, an internship can be both exciting and intimidating. As an intern, you could do any number of tasks or have any number of responsibilities. It’s not just being the stereotypical gopher, […]

GU students set new goals for new year

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It’s a new year and a fresh start for students at GU. Many students have some ideas as to what they would like to accomplish in the second semester. Take a look at what students have their minds set on for the spring. King Fatumbi, freshman mechanical engineering major: One of my goals is to […]

Helping Others and Engineering Innovation: More Ways to Use Your Gannon Degree

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Cheryl A. Baldwin ’98 Social Work Gannon helped me launch my second career. After 21 years in nursing, I decided to pursue a career in social work—and Gannon was clearly the place to achieve that goal. The program featured excellent professors and offered internship opportunities that have enhanced my career: since graduation, I have earned […]

Luck o’ the Irish? Students Talk Superstitions

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In honor of today’s holiday and the “luck o’ the Irish,” we decided to ask a few Gannon students what they do for luck and if they believe in superstitions. Cristen Manion, freshman theatre & communication arts major: “I do believe in superstitions – most of them are theatre related. I was […]

History of Irish Holiday Shows Cultural Balance

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Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a holiday associated with the color green, leprechauns and shamrocks. It’s a day where suddenly the entire world has turned into Emerald City with everyone wearing green. However, most people who don the color have no idea what the day is truly about. Some don’t even know […]

Trivia Night: Having Fun and Helping Out

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Hey readers, Last Wednesday, my service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega was involved in an event called Erie Trivia Night, which took place down at the Bayfront Convention Center. It was the 20th annual trivia night, and there was a great turnout. APO volunteered at this event last year, so we took our places at our […]