Meeting the Assistant Director of Career Education and Outreach

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Being a senior in college is terrifying for a number of reasons. The days of being a student where professors will help you through the difficult tasks of college will soon be over. You will have to learn to fend for yourself. You must compete against people from all over the world when applying for […]

Join Edge’s management team!

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Edge is seeking highly motivated, creative individuals to add to the management staff. Download an application below and return to Nicole Lossie, Enrollment Communications Coordinator, Gitnik/Admissions Building, or email to by Friday, December 9, 2016.  Edge Management Application – SPRING 2017 The Office of Admissions is seeking highly motivated Gannon students to work for Edge, our online […]

My angel in the night

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Nothing quite rivals the meaningless feeling that accompanies several part-time jobs. My first was at a grocery store in my home town, where I spent hours on end pressing buttons and filing sweaty money from agitated locals. College came to be like an angel in the night, and no longer would I have to settle […]

Acing the summer job interview

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Although it’s hard to imagine during these cold, blustery “spring” days, summer is just around the corner. With that in mind, it’s never too early to start thinking about summer employment. Not to sound like a nagging mother, but it’s important to send your applications everywhere in hopes of landing an interview. Once you get […]

[VIDEO] Working toward my future

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Work-study jobs are a great way to earn money while in college. They offer professional experience, flexible hours and the opportunity to meet people. Check out my vlog for more details. [youtube_sc url=””] Like Gannon? Be one of the 5,000+ fans of Gannon University on Facebook.

AfterThoughts: Random Friday quotes

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Normally, we give you a look inside life at Gannon. Now here’s a look inside our heads: Tyler Babcock, editor-in-chief: This week, I’ve realized that I have never loved a job more than this one – and I’ve had a lot of jobs.

GU students set new goals for new year

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It’s a new year and a fresh start for students at GU. Many students have some ideas as to what they would like to accomplish in the second semester. Take a look at what students have their minds set on for the spring. King Fatumbi, freshman mechanical engineering major: One of my goals is to […]

Prep U for GU: Making Cash in College

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Coming to college can be a big adjustment in your daily routine. For many of students it means leaving familiar territory and venturing into the unknown. It also means venturing away from parents’ wallets and high school part-time jobs. The distance from those things may hinder your monthly cash flow, but don’t worry — there […]

Freshman Year… That Was Fast!

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A lot of new experiences come with being a freshman in college. Since we just had Advising Day last week, I’ve been looking back at what I’ve done in my first two semesters here at Gannon. It’s hard to believe I already picked classes for my sophomore year – I feel like I just came […]