Normally, we give you a look inside life at Gannon. Now here’s a look inside our heads:

Tyler Babcock, editor-in-chief:
This week, I’ve realized that I have never loved a job more than this one – and I’ve had a lot of jobs.
Matt Kridel, managing editor:
Why are all my tests next week?
April Shernisky, copy editor:
I’ve had the theme song to “Doug” stuck in my head for an hour.
Keefer Kopco, multimedia editor:
Why are there red balloons all through the office? What did I miss?
Allison Kessler, assistant multimedia editor:
“Cherry Orchard” opens in a week – Ah!
Brianna Woods, assistant editor:
I’m really excited to be in my first college musical in just a few short weeks.
Chelsey Klube, eMarketing assistant:
It’s been a long week. I’m more than ready to see my friends, clean my room and read a book (not assigned for class).