Embracing Intellectual Wellness during Finals Week at GU

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As this semester at Gannon University concludes and finals week approaches, Good for U looks to end 2016 on a note of wellness by reminding the campus community to embrace their intellectual wellness as they prepare for final exams. Intellectual wellness is defined as the ability to open our minds to new ideas by pursuing […]

AfterThoughts: Random Friday quotes

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Normally, we give you a look inside life at Gannon. Now here’s a look inside our heads: Tyler Babcock, editor-in-chief: This week, I’ve realized that I have never loved a job more than this one – and I’ve had a lot of jobs.

Prep U for GU: Student Success Guide

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For many students, one of the biggest challenges of going to college is the transition from a high school class load to the demands of college classes. Everything from how to study to whether or not to buy, rent, keep or sell back textbooks can create a stressful situation if you’re uninformed on the ins […]

Great-Grandfather’s Luck Helps a Nursing Student

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My great-grandfather used to say he was lucky. When people would give him that look that implied, “Okay, whatever you say, Homer,” he would point down at his forearm and say, “No really, it says so right here on my arm.” He was pointing at a tattoo that probably dated back to the 1940s that […]