As this semester at Gannon University concludes and finals week approaches, Good for U looks to end 2016 on a note of wellness by reminding the campus community to embrace their intellectual wellness as they prepare for final exams.

Intellectual wellness is defined as the ability to open our minds to new ideas by pursuing opportunities which challenge us to be attentive, problem solve, and to explore the world around us; it is taking initiative and embracing the call to become a lifelong learner.
In anticipation of final exams, Good for U is promoting a variety of healthy practices and activities to help students embrace their intellectual well-being.

To perform to the best of your ability on your final exams, it is important to maintain a healthy diet – filled with foods that are packed with vitamins and nutrients to promote brain power. These healthy alternatives include blueberries and cranberries, spinach and kale, dark chocolate, walnuts and almonds, avocado, as well as beverages such as tea.

Along with maintaining a healthy diet, it is also beneficial to keep the following tips in mind to ace your final exams.

First, it is important to get a good night’s sleep each night leading up to the exams – as memory is rooted in the deepest levels of sleep. Each morning before your exams, it is also important to eat a good breakfast – a balanced meal of carbohydrates and protein will energize your brain for the long haul of extended exam periods.

When you sit down to take the exam as well, don’t forget to read each question carefully and to take a deep breath – nothing good ever comes from panicking, so if you’re not sure with your answer move on and come back to it with a fresh perspective.

Lastly, and most of all, congratulate yourself when the exam is over for putting forth your best effort.

Good for U wishes all students good luck on their final exams, and looks forward to further developing a culture of wellness at Gannon University in the new year.

-contributed by David Russo