CLICK-WORTHY: Inauguration, Zombies and Open House

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What do an inauguration, a haunted house, a flash mob and alcohol awareness have in common? They’re all click-worthy links this month.  Check out the details below. –  Someone dropped off a demolished car at Gannon a few weeks ago. Why? I guess you’ll have to click to find out.

@GU: October Stuff You Don’t Want to Miss

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When October rolls around, it means all sorts of fall activities start happening here on campus.  No matter your interests, you can definitely find something on campus that you’ll enjoy doing this month.  Here’s a quick look at some of the many things that are occurring on campus.

Pulse GU: Applying Textbook Stuff to Life

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Now that we’re back from spring break, I only have one week left until I begin clinicals. We have learned so many things, and it’s really exciting to actually get to apply those lessons and see real patients. I am anxious and can’t wait to start, but I am really nervous at the same time. […]