pulseGUNow that we’re back from spring break, I only have one week left until I begin clinicals. We have learned so many things, and it’s really exciting to actually get to apply those lessons and see real patients. I am anxious and can’t wait to start, but I am really nervous at the same time.

The week before spring break began we learned how to dress a wound, regulate an IV drip and insert a catheter. In the previous weeks we practiced mixing insulin, transferring a patient from a wheelchair or bed to standing position and administering intramuscular and subcutaneous injections. It is amazing how much we covered in just a few short weeks. It goes fast, but it is a lot of fun to learn things I will actually be doing.

I was able to put this knowledge to use about two weeks ago when I was visiting my grandma in the hospital after she fell ill suddenly. After only six weeks into my sophomore year, I could tell my family what the vital sign readings meant, what her oxygen levels were telling us, how to administer a tube feeding, how to regulate the IV drip, what CFU meant and all about the medications she was on – and I was thrilled.

Last semester I kept asking myself if I was ever going to use this information that I am learning. Well, that question has been answered 🙂

These last six weeks are going to go by really fast, and I just got great news that’s going to make them even better. I just found out I have been given the opportunity to be a Gannon University Ambassador. The University Ambassadors are representatives of Gannon’s campus at various events and they promote Gannon a positive image of the university. When I toured Gannon for the first time during the Fall Open House, I talked to a University Ambassador; she was very helpful and friendly, and now I will be able to do the same thing for prospective Gannon students and their families!

Sunday was also exciting: we initiated our nine newest members to the sorority I belong to, Phi Sigma Sigma. I joined Phi Sig last spring and it has really helped me to learn who I am. I have met tons of new people, have had the opportunity to do tons of volunteer work and have had some great times with my sisters and new friends.

Now I’m going to get out and enjoy this sunshine before heading to work – thanks for reading!


P.S. If you’re thinking about coming to Gannon for health sciences, then come to Health Professions Day next Friday!

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