Cold weather and busy streets: An unconventional spring break trip

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When people think of stereotypical spring break plans, they often picture beaches, sunshine and relaxation. People envision flocks of students rushing the Jersey shore or Florida beaches, as they do their best to forget that they still have half a semester left to study. This was not my plan. Late last semester, a group of […]

Leaving home and going back again

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I feel like Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz.” No, I’m not confused about my gender; I’m talking about my journey through college. Let’s pretend that college is Oz. At the beginning, both are terrifying with all the new places, new people, and usually no one immediately around to help. Suddenly, you’re not in Kansas […]

Monday, Monday and California dreamin’

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I had a very “The Mamas & the Papas” week last week. (You know, “Monday, Monday / Can’t trust that day…”) The chorus of “Monday, Monday” played on repeat in my head. It’s certainly a day that I don’t really care to trust. And really, every other day of the week is fine. Besides Monday, the […]

Dr. Taylor, students, faculty, and staff to devote break week to service

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Gannon University students and faculty will be helping victims rebuild their lives after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy – but they’ll be doing more than cleaning up. Gannon University President Keith Taylor, Ph.D., and Gannon students and faculty will be building homes for Habitat for Humanity – but they’ll be doing more than carpentry. During Gannon’s […]


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As many students head out of town for Spring Break, some may pass this sign inside the Erie International Airport. The sign, posted near baggage claim, greets travelers as they arrive in Erie (Submitted via Twitter by @lo_myrick). Got a great shot for Edge? Tweet it @GannonU or @GannonEdge!

Un-slumping myself

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The word: un-slumping There’s undeniable truth to the concept of the “sophomore slump.” Take Hootie & the Blowfish, for example. (You know, the group who sang, “Well there’s nothing I can do, I only wanna be with you.”) Their debut album, “Cracked Rear View,” was released in 1994 and sold more than 16 million copies. Hootie’s […]

Spring break service: Descanso de primavera de servicio en El Salvador

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The semester is just flying by. Gannon students are back from spring break and (hopefully) refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for the second half of the term. Some students went home to spend time with family and friends, some went on a well-deserved vacation and other students, like me, went on a different kind of adventure. […]

Student uses break…to take a break!

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Some students use spring break as an opportunity to go home and see their families. Others travel to warm and sunny destinations, leaving all the stressors of school far behind. Spring break – and all breaks for that matter – for me is an opportunity to squeeze in as many hours at my job at […]