Greek Spotlight Series: Kennedy Walters

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My purpose is to show all of the positive aspects of the sororities and fraternities here on Gannon’s campus. With so many lovely men and women, there are a lot of people to talk about. This week we meet Kennedy Walters, a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha since January of 2017. Kennedy is a double major […]

Greek Spotlight Series: Maria Hays

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Welcome to the Greek Spotlight series! My purpose is to show all of the positive aspects of the sororities and fraternities here on Gannon’s campus. With so many lovely men and women, there are a lot of people to talk about. This week, we meet Maria Hays. She is an English major with a professional […]

Greek Week 2018: Hunger Games

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As the year comes to a close, Gannon University’s campus is still full of so many fun things to do! One of the big events coming up on campus is Greek Week. Greek Week takes place from April 15th to April 22nd this year, and it includes all five sororities (Phi Sigma Sigma, Alpha Sigma […]

Dance for the Children(s Miracle Network)

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Dance Marathon is an event that celebrates the lives of children who have struggled with illness or injury and been supported by Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Students come together to HAVE FUN and raise money and awareness that SAVES LIVES! Visit the event’s Facebook event, and sign up here to join in on the fun! According […]

Out of My Element: Sorority Recruitment

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Opening scene: the audience sees a girl’s blonde, shimmering hair shaking back and forth. Flash to a girl in a pink skirt riding past some fraternities on her bike. Before you know it, you’re inside the Delta Nu house, watching a pink envelope being passed from one small blonde to another. And then OH MY […]

24 ways you know you’re an AGD

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Written by Ally Brock, senior physician assistant major and Megan Vajda, junior occupational therapy major For 38 years, Alpha Gamma Delta has been a dynamic sorority on Gannon’s campus. Members strive to live with purpose every day through volunteering, maintaining the highest possible GPA and making friendships that will last a lifetime. Here are 24 […]

Unity in service

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What does it mean to be a Greek? To many, the term “Greek life” seems to be a synonym for wild antics, but that’s far from what it’s all about. Being Greek an opportunity to do some good and gather similarly minded people under a single name. Gannon hosts one such organization: a lesser known […]

Celebrating an entire week of Greeks

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Each spring, Gannon University’s Greek community bands together to participate in a weeklong celebration called Greek Week. The sororities and fraternities work together to determine which team is supreme by participating in a series of activities. This year, Gannon University’s Panhellenic and Inter-fraternity Council’s Greek Week theme was “America.” Greek Week spanned from April 6 […]

Presenting Mr. and Miss GU

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A lot of the best memories from college are created when you exit your comfort zone and do something that frightens you. One such way to do this is by showcasing your talents in front of your peers. For the past 17 years, the sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority organize an annual fundraiser, the […]

Tying together the sororities for spring recruitment

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Around this time each year, many college campuses prepare for formal spring sorority recruitment, with Gannon University being no exception. This year’s theme for spring recruitment was “We Are All Tied Together”, symbolized by bows, and spanned the length of January 24-27.  Each of the five sororities on campus, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Sigma Alpha, […]