Written by Ally Brock, senior physician assistant major and Megan Vajda, junior occupational therapy major

For 38 years, Alpha Gamma Delta has been a dynamic sorority on Gannon’s campus. Members strive to live with purpose every day through volunteering, maintaining the highest possible GPA and making friendships that will last a lifetime. Here are 24 ways you know you’re an Alpha Gamma Delta at GU:

  1. Hit a squirrel with your car? Cue the tears.
  2. You don’t get offended when someone calls your place the nut house.
  3. When you see any item in the red-yellow-green color combination, you automatically assume it was made for AGD.
  4. Your favorite season is “formal season.”
  5. You know what the color “buff” is. (It’s yellow, by the way.)
  6. If you want to hang out with your sisters, just go to the library.
  7. You love donuts. Give us Dunkin, Krispy Kreme, Metz and we’ll eat it.
  8. Your parents constantly ask you why there is a “backwards seven” on your shirt.
  9. You know the struggle of having to dress up on a Sunday. EVERY SUNDAY.
  10. Your closet consists of letter shirts and a dress in every one of the AGD colors.
  11. You don’t know of any better place to take your Christmas card picture than the giant nut on Sixth Street.
  12. “Mr. and Ms. GU” is just as much of a process as the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.
  13. Homecoming and Greek week are equivalent in stress to finals week. Sleep is for the weak.
  14. You check every aisle at Hobby Lobby for a squirrel.
  15. The red, yellow and green heart emojis are among your most used. Still waiting on that squirrel emoji.
  16. Who needs a doctor when 95 percent of your sisters are health science majors?
  17. You’ve never thought to go on a pledge class date that doesn’t involve food.
  18. One of your social media pictures is currently from bid night, a mixer, or big-little night. (Seriously, go check our Twitters.)
  19. Finding an acorn is like finding a penny that’s heads up. Here comes the luck!
  20. Your phone has more than once autocorrected “and” to “AGD.”
  21. Your family members are constantly sending you anonymous items with squirrels on them in the mail.
  22. You get excited when it rains so you can wear your letter raincoat.
  23. Your housewife skills have been put into early action through all the baking and crafting you do.
  24. Even though your life can get a little nutty at times, there’s no better feeling than living with purpose and enjoying these four exciting years with your sisters.